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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the old sheep tell Templeton after seeing what has happened to Templeton since Wilbur kept his promise to the rat?
(a) That he would have more friends if he helped others more.
(b) That he would live longer if he ate less.
(c) That soon he will be too fat to move.
(d) That the only reason he can stay at the farm is because Wilbur likes him.

2. How is Charlotte feeling at the end of Chapter 17?
(a) Excited about being at the fair.
(b) Cranky and hungry.
(c) Energized about saving Wilbur's life.
(d) Tired and listless.

3. How are Wilbur's destiny and Templeton's destiny linked, according to Charlotte?
(a) They can help each other become stars if they pool their talents.
(b) Mr. Zuckerman is plotting to get rid of both of them.
(c) If anything happens to Wilbur, Templeton won't have any food to eat.
(d) They would make great pets for Fern and Avery.

4. How does the old sheep convince Templeton to go to the Fair?
(a) She says Templeton owes Wilbur a favor.
(b) She says none of the other farm animals will talk to Templeton if he doesn't go.
(c) She says Templeton will find lots of food to eat there.
(d) She promises she will get the goose to give Templeton another egg.

5. What is Mr. Zuckerman's dream about Wilbur?
(a) He dreams that Wilbur runs away and gets dirty.
(b) He dreams that Wilbur is turned into delicious bacon and ham.
(c) He dreams that Wilbur grows big and wrecks the tents and rides at the Fair.
(d) He dreams that Wilbur grows huge and wins many blue ribbons at the Fair.

6. What does Charlotte do in the night at the Fair that she almost never does?
(a) Leave her web.
(b) Argue with Wilbur.
(c) Let a fly go free from her web.
(d) Be nice to Templeton.

7. What does Templeton do to help Wilbur during the awarding of Wilbur's prize?
(a) He scares Uncle into running off.
(b) He bites Wilbur's tail to wake him up when he faints.
(c) He brings Wilbur some food when the Zuckermans forget to feed him.
(d) He gathers one last piece of writing for Charlotte to copy in her web.

8. What does Mr. Arable do to make Wilbur feel faint?
(a) He says that he doesn't think Wilbur has a chance to win a blue ribbon.
(b) He says he knew Wilbur would always be a runt and never amount to anything.
(c) He tells Mr. Zuckerman that he will get lots of meat when he kills Wilbur.
(d) He tells Mr. Zuckerman that Fern and the Arables will be moving away after the County Fair.

9. Why does Charlotte say Uncle will be hard for Wilbur to beat?
(a) Because of Uncle's funny jokes.
(b) Because of Uncle's winning personality.
(c) Because of Uncle's size and weight.
(d) Because of Uncle's cleanliness.

10. At the end of Chapter 18, how does Fern feel about the time she spent at the Fair?
(a) She says she had a bad time because Avery and Henry Fussy kept teasing her.
(b) She says she couldn't enjoy herself very much because she was too worried about Wilbur.
(c) She says she didn't enjoy it too much because the Ferris wheel made her sick to her stomach.
(d) She says she had the best time she has ever had anywhere or any time in all of her whole life.

11. For whom does Charlotte say she is making her masterpiece?
(a) The Zuckermans.
(b) Templeton.
(c) Herself.
(d) Wilbur.

12. According to Mr. Arable, the Fair is a good place to start doing what?
(a) Selling pigs.
(b) Eating junk food.
(c) Growing up.
(d) Staying close to your parents.

13. Who is with Charlotte when she dies?
(a) Fern.
(b) Templeton.
(c) No one.
(d) Wilbur.

14. Where does Templeton hide during the day at the fair?
(a) Behind some dirty rags.
(b) In an old soda pop cup.
(c) Under some crumpled newspapers.
(d) Under the straw at the bottom of Wilbur's crate.

15. What was the greatest moment in Mr. Zuckerman's life?
(a) Retiring and selling his farm to someone else.
(b) Meeting Mrs. Zuckerman.
(c) Selling a pig for a lot of money.
(d) Winning a prize for Wilbur.

Short Answer Questions

1. In what does Fern's mother get interested in spite of herself?

2. In Chapter 13, why does Charlotte have Wilbur run around?

3. Which of the following is not a name Wilbur gives to one of Charlotte's children?

4. How does Charlotte describe the cousin in her second story?

5. Why does Charlotte want Templeton to come to the Fair?

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