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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 18, how does Fern feel about the time she spent at the Fair?
(a) She says she had the best time she has ever had anywhere or any time in all of her whole life.
(b) She says she didn't enjoy it too much because the Ferris wheel made her sick to her stomach.
(c) She says she couldn't enjoy herself very much because she was too worried about Wilbur.
(d) She says she had a bad time because Avery and Henry Fussy kept teasing her.

2. What happens when Lurvy tries to wake up Wilbur?
(a) He trips and falls into Mr. and Mrs. Arable.
(b) He fans Wilbur with his new blanket.
(c) He gets red and embarassed when he is unable to wake the pig.
(d) He drenches Mc. Zuckerman and Avery with a pail of water.

3. When will all the babies be born on the farm?
(a) In the winter.
(b) In the spring.
(c) In the fall.
(d) In the summer.

4. What does Fern want when everyone is preparing to take Wilbur to the judges' stand to receive a special award?
(a) To have her picture taken with Wilbur.
(b) To find Henry Fussy to come with them.
(c) To give Wilbur a bath in buttermilk to clean him.
(d) To get some money for the midway.

5. What does the cousin in Charlotte's first story do?
(a) Burrow underground and make a web there.
(b) Live in the same web in a house for 53 years.
(c) Catch and eat a fish.
(d) Ride on a truck from city to city.

6. How does Charlotte describe the cousin in her second story?
(a) A climber.
(b) An aeronaut.
(c) An artist.
(d) A sailor.

7. What does the author say Wilbur realizes is one of the most satisfying things in the world?
(a) Fame.
(b) Friendship.
(c) A good dinner.
(d) Safety.

8. What does Templeton do to help Wilbur during the awarding of Wilbur's prize?
(a) He gathers one last piece of writing for Charlotte to copy in her web.
(b) He scares Uncle into running off.
(c) He bites Wilbur's tail to wake him up when he faints.
(d) He brings Wilbur some food when the Zuckermans forget to feed him.

9. Which of the following is not an errand or favor that Templeton points out that he has done for Wilbur and Charlotte?
(a) Making trip after trip to the dump for magazine clippings.
(b) Biting Wilbur's tail to wake him up after he fainted.
(c) Chasing off Mrs. Zuckerman when she tried to dust away one of Charlotte's first attempts at writing.
(d) Saving Charlotte's life by scaring Avery away with the rotten goose egg.

10. What does Charlotte know when she hears the song of the crickets at the beginning of Chapter 15?
(a) That all the little animals have grown up.
(b) That she doesn't have much time left.
(c) That it is time to dig potatoes.
(d) That school will soon begin again.

11. Why does Charlotte say Uncle will be hard for Wilbur to beat?
(a) Because of Uncle's funny jokes.
(b) Because of Uncle's winning personality.
(c) Because of Uncle's cleanliness.
(d) Because of Uncle's size and weight.

12. Why do the judges award Wilbur a special prize?
(a) For being the most beautiful pig at the County Fair.
(b) For attracting so many visitors to the County Fair.
(c) For doing better tricks than Uncle.
(d) For knowing how to read, write, and speak.

13. In what does Fern's mother get interested in spite of herself?
(a) Fern and Avery's plans for building a new swing.
(b) Fern's explanation for how to take care of baby goslings.
(c) Watching Fern knit a sweater for Wilbur.
(d) The story about Charlotte's cousin.

14. What about Fern's behavior does her mother not find normal?
(a) Refusing to wash dishes or help with the laundry.
(b) Wanting to be a tomboy with Avery.
(c) Mooning after boys in her class.
(d) Spending so much time alone with just animals.

15. How does Dr. Dorian imagine it must be like to sit in a barn and listen to animals?
(a) Smelly.
(b) Dreary.
(c) Enchanting.
(d) Loud.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charlotte predict for Wilbur after he has been awarded the special prize?

2. What does the gander do that irritates Charlotte when she calls a meeting?

3. How is Charlotte feeling at the end of Chapter 17?

4. Who is with Charlotte when she dies?

5. What happens in Wilbur's bad dream?

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