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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is not something the author mentions Wilbur does to pass his days in Chapter 7?
(a) Eat three meals a day.
(b) Lie down half asleep and dream pleasant dreams.
(c) Gain lots of weight.
(d) Roll around in the mud often.

2. Why does Mrs. Arable think having Wilbur go live with the Zuckermans is a good idea?
(a) Fern can walk down the road and visit Wilbur as often as she likes.
(b) Once Wilbur is sent away, Fern will forget all about him.
(c) They will promise not to kill him.
(d) Mrs. Arable thinks it is a terrible idea.

3. Who tells Wilbur he doesn't have to stay in his yard?
(a) Fern tells him.
(b) The gander tells him.
(c) The goose tells him.
(d) Mr. Zuckerman tells him.

4. What happens once news of Charlotte's web spreads?
(a) Mr. Zuckerman pleads with Charlotte to weave another, bigger web.
(b) Exterminators show up and offer to get rid of Charlotte.
(c) People are spooked and begin to avoid the Zuckermans.
(d) People come from all around to see Wilbur and the web.

5. What reason does Mr. Arable give for why Fern gets to keep a pig?
(a) He has been promising to give her a pet for a long time.
(b) Mr. Arable is trying to teach her a lesson about responsibility.
(c) She was up at daylight, trying to rid the world of an injustice.
(d) It is time for her to help out around the household.

6. Who ties a string to Wilbur's tail and why?
(a) Mr. Zuckerman ties the string to fasten Wilbur to the fence so he won't wander off.
(b) Charlotte ties the string so Wilbur can pretend to be a spider.
(c) Templeton ties the string so Wilbur can try to spin a web.
(d) Fern ties the string so Wilbur won't forget the upcoming County Fair.

7. How does Fern think of Wilbur?
(a) As her best friend.
(b) As her baby.
(c) As a boring pet.
(d) As a burden.

8. What does Wilbur do to try to find his mysterious new friend?
(a) Wake up each animal one by one and ask him or her if he or she is the friend.
(b) Ask the party who addressed him the night before to give him a sign.
(c) Look under the hay and behind his food trough.
(d) Ask Templeton if he saw anything suspicious the night before.

9. Which of the following is not a reason Mr. Arable offers for why Fern must sell Wilbur?
(a) He is uncontrollable and badly behaved.
(b) He is not a baby any more.
(c) He is big enough to sell.
(d) He is eating real food and Mr. Arable is not willing to provide for him.

10. Under what conditions does Mr. Zuckerman allow Fern to visit Wilbur?
(a) She must help out with chores around the farm.
(b) She can only come once a week.
(c) She cannot let Wilbur out or enter his pigpen herself.
(d) She must bring food for all the farm animals.

11. What are Fern and her parents doing at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) Having Sunday breakfast together.
(b) Cooking Saturday night dinner together.
(c) Cleaning the house together.
(d) Picking berries from the garden together.

12. What is the first question Fern asks her mother in the book?
(a) Has the litter of baby pigs been born yet?
(b) When can I get a new pet?
(c) What's for breakfast?
(d) Where's Papa going with that ax?

13. Which of the following is not something Templeton prefers to spend his time doing?
(a) Eating.
(b) Frolicking.
(c) Spying.
(d) Hiding.

14. How does Fern feed her new pet?
(a) With warm milk from a baby's nursing bottle.
(b) With cold milk from a bowl.
(c) Fern's mother feeds the pet.
(d) With a handful of slops from breakfast.

15. In which season was Wilbur born?
(a) He was born in fall.
(b) He was born in spring.
(c) He was born in summer.
(d) He was born in winter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Except for the goose, who is the first to know the goslings have hatched?

2. What do Fern and Avery play on in Mr. Zuckerman's barn?

3. What does Charlotte do when Templeton takes the last egg away?

4. How does Fern say Wilbur feels about Charlotte?

5. Why does Fern worry about Wilbur when her father first moves him outside?

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