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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Wilbur feel at first about being outside his fence?
(a) He is terrified of the world outside.
(b) It feels queer to have nothing between him and the open world.
(c) He is so excited he decides to run all the way to Fern's house.
(d) He is angry he never thought to escape before.

2. What recent barnyard event does Fern tell her parents about at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) Charlotte weaving a beautiful web.
(b) The old sheep getting sheared.
(c) The goslings hatching.
(d) Wilbur learning how to escape his yard.

3. Why does Fern change her sneakers?
(a) They have holes in them.
(b) They got wet when she walked through the grass.
(c) She stepped in pig manure in the barn.
(d) She has outgrown them.

4. What does Charlotte do when Templeton takes the last egg away?
(a) She warns the rest of the animals to watch their things.
(b) She frowns and says, "No good will come of this."
(c) She asks if she can have an egg next time.
(d) She laughs and says "A rat is a rat."

5. What damage does Wilbur cause outside his fence?
(a) He plows up some ground with his nose.
(b) He eats a bunch of crops.
(c) He pulls Mrs. Zuckerman's hanging laundry into a mud puddle.
(d) He scares a flock of chickens.

6. What is Wilbur's first bed?
(a) A box near the stove in the kitchen.
(b) A box in the woodshed.
(c) A pillow in the hall closet.
(d) A blanket in the corner of Fern's room.

7. What does Charlotte warn will happen if the egg Templeton took breaks?
(a) The goose and the gander will be sad.
(b) Templeton will want another egg.
(c) The smell will be so bad no one will be able to live in the barn.
(d) All of Templeton's things will stick together.

8. How does the rain in Chapter 4 disrupt Wilbur's plans?
(a) The sound of the raindrops disturbs his nap.
(b) He had wanted to go out and dig a new hole in his yard.
(c) A leaky roof makes rain drip and soak his bed.
(d) All the loudest animals are driven inside the barn by the rain.

9. What does Fern say at the beginning of the book that she sees no difference between?
(a) Killing a full-grown pig and killing a little pig.
(b) Killing a spider and killing a little pig.
(c) Killing a calf and killing a little pig.
(d) Killing a little girl and killing a little pig.

10. What does Wilbur do every morning after breakfast?
(a) He takes a nap until lunchtime.
(b) He cries until Fern comes home for lunch.
(c) He waits with Fern until her bus comes.
(d) He follows Mrs. Arable around as she cleans the house.

11. Which of the following is not one of the ways Fern takes care of Wilbur?
(a) Wipes his snout with a napkin.
(b) Warms his milk.
(c) Ties a bib on him.
(d) Holds a bottle for him.

12. What happens once news of Charlotte's web spreads?
(a) Exterminators show up and offer to get rid of Charlotte.
(b) People come from all around to see Wilbur and the web.
(c) People are spooked and begin to avoid the Zuckermans.
(d) Mr. Zuckerman pleads with Charlotte to weave another, bigger web.

13. What does Templeton do with the last egg?
(a) He sits on it to hatch it.
(b) He eats it for dinner.
(c) He paints it.
(d) He adds it to his collection.

14. How does Mr. Zuckerman get Wilbur to return to the pigpen?
(a) By luring him back with a pail full of slops.
(b) By trapping him in a net.
(c) By chasing him around and around the barn.
(d) By reasoning with him.

15. Why is Wilbur saddened by his new friend?
(a) She doesn't like Fern.
(b) She can't spend very much time with him.
(c) He thinks she is bloodthirsty.
(d) She is mean and teases him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Templeton live?

2. What does the oldest sheep say is the quickest way to ruin a friendship?

3. Why does Templeton say he won't break the egg?

4. Who warns Templeton to stay away from the goslings?

5. Where is Avery at the beginning of Chapter 8?

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