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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Fern like the barn best?
(a) When it is warm and cozy inside while it is raining outside.
(b) When she can show her family around and introduce them to the animals.
(c) When she can be all alone with her friends the animals.
(d) When it is early in the morning and the animals are just waking up.

2. In which season was Wilbur born?
(a) He was born in fall.
(b) He was born in winter.
(c) He was born in summer.
(d) He was born in spring.

3. What does the oldest sheep say is the quickest way to ruin a friendship?
(a) Hang around your new friend all the time.
(b) Wake somebody in the morning before he is ready.
(c) Keep borrowing things and not returning them.
(d) Ask for too many favors.

4. Which of the following is not a piece of advice Charlotte gives Wilbur at the end of Chapter 9?
(a) Never hurry and never worry.
(b) Keep fit and don't lose your nerve.
(c) Gain weight and stay well.
(d) Eat and drink only a little.

5. What do Fern and Avery play on in Mr. Zuckerman's barn?
(a) An old wagon.
(b) A swing.
(c) The ladder to the hay loft.
(d) Hay bales.

6. How does Fern feel about being entrusted with the care of a baby pig?
(a) Blissful and lucky.
(b) Worried about the responsibility.
(c) Angry and put-upon.
(d) Unbothered because she plans to make her parents take care of it.

7. What does the Zuckermans' barn mostly smell of?
(a) It mostly smells of manure.
(b) It mostly smells of fish.
(c) It mostly smells of new rope.
(d) It mostly smells of hay.

8. What does Charlotte promise Wilbur at the end of Chapter 7?
(a) That she will help him think of something nice to do for Fern.
(b) That she will make him the best Christmas present ever.
(c) That she will always be his friend.
(d) That she will save him.

9. What has Charlotte woven into her web?
(a) A picture of Wilbur.
(b) The words "WILBUR'S HOME".
(c) A picture of a first prize ribbon.
(d) The words "SOME PIG".

10. What reason does Charlotte give Wilbur for why he doesn't need a web?
(a) Zuckerman feeds him.
(b) It's too much of a bother to take care of.
(c) He already has a nice place to sleep.
(d) He wouldn't like how bugs taste.

11. How does the rain in Chapter 4 disrupt Wilbur's plans?
(a) The sound of the raindrops disturbs his nap.
(b) A leaky roof makes rain drip and soak his bed.
(c) All the loudest animals are driven inside the barn by the rain.
(d) He had wanted to go out and dig a new hole in his yard.

12. How does Fern describe Charlotte to her parents?
(a) Wilbur's best friend, who is terribly clever.
(b) A wise teacher.
(c) A creepy, bloodthirsty pest.
(d) A tiny spider, who is not very important compared to the other animals.

13. What does Avery think of Fern's new pet pig?
(a) He thinks it smells bad.
(b) He thinks it is a beautiful specimen of a pig.
(c) He thinks it will be a lot of trouble.
(d) He thinks it is miserable and small.

14. When Fern is telling her parents about the barn animals, who does Fern say is "us"?
(a) Everybody in the barn cellar.
(b) Fern and her aunt and uncle.
(c) Fern and Avery.
(d) Fern and her parents.

15. What does the goose advise Wilbur to do once the people notice he is free?
(a) Hurry back to his pigpen.
(b) Hide in the straw behind the barn.
(c) Run for the woods.
(d) Go find Fern.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Wilbur do when he hears why the people are fattening him up?

2. Charlotte tells Wilbur that she does her best thinking when?

3. What does Templeton take from Wilbur?

4. Which of the following is not a reason Mr. Arable offers for why Fern must sell Wilbur?

5. How does the author describe the voice Wilbur hears at the end of Chapter 4?

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