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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 18 - The Cool of the Evening.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Wilbur mistaken about Charlotte at the end of Chapter 5?
(a) He thinks he can trust her, but she will hurt and betray him.
(b) He thinks she will be able to rid the farmyard entirely of bugs.
(c) He thinks she is only bold and cruel, but actually she has a kind heart.
(d) He thinks she is silly and beneath his notice.

2. What are Fern and her parents doing at the beginning of Chapter 8?
(a) Picking berries from the garden together.
(b) Cleaning the house together.
(c) Cooking Saturday night dinner together.
(d) Having Sunday breakfast together.

3. What does the goose advise Wilbur to do once the people notice he is free?
(a) Run for the woods.
(b) Hurry back to his pigpen.
(c) Hide in the straw behind the barn.
(d) Go find Fern.

4. How does Mr. Zuckerman get Wilbur to return to the pigpen?
(a) By chasing him around and around the barn.
(b) By trapping him in a net.
(c) By luring him back with a pail full of slops.
(d) By reasoning with him.

5. What does the goose know about Wilbur's future that Wilbur does not yet?
(a) Charlotte is thinking about ways to ruin Wilbur's life.
(b) Mr. Zuckerman and Lurvy are plotting to kill him.
(c) Mrs. Zuckerman is preparing to sell Wilbur behind Mr. Zuckerman's back.
(d) Templeton is planning to steal all of Wilbur's food.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the author say Templeton would do if he could get away with it?

2. What does Fern's mother accuse her of doing at the beginning of Chapter 14?

3. What is not something the author mentions Wilbur does to pass his days in Chapter 7?

4. Which human first notices something is wrong with Wilbur?

5. What reason does Mr. Arable give for why Fern gets to keep a pig?

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