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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10 - Explosion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Fern feel about being entrusted with the care of a baby pig?
(a) Blissful and lucky.
(b) Worried about the responsibility.
(c) Unbothered because she plans to make her parents take care of it.
(d) Angry and put-upon.

2. What do Fern and Avery play on in Mr. Zuckerman's barn?
(a) A swing.
(b) The ladder to the hay loft.
(c) An old wagon.
(d) Hay bales.

3. Who takes care of Wilbur's noontime feeding for Fern?
(a) Avery.
(b) Mr. Arable.
(c) Mrs. Arable.
(d) The Zuckermans.

4. Why does Fern change her sneakers?
(a) They got wet when she walked through the grass.
(b) They have holes in them.
(c) She has outgrown them.
(d) She stepped in pig manure in the barn.

5. What happens if Wilbur gets tired when he and Fern take walks?
(a) She lets him rest in the grass while she climbs trees.
(b) She carries him home in her arms.
(c) She sits under a tree and settles him in her lap for a nap.
(d) She pushes him in her doll carriage while he sleeps.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not a reason the lamb gives for not playing with Wilbur?

2. Before Charlotte speaks up, who is going to help Wilbur calm down after receiving the bad news?

3. What does Templeton do with the last egg?

4. What spider body part does Charlotte teach Wilbur about?

5. Why does Mrs. Arable think having Wilbur go live with the Zuckermans is a good idea?

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