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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 - Summer Days.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Zuckermans' barn mostly smell of?
(a) It mostly smells of hay.
(b) It mostly smells of manure.
(c) It mostly smells of new rope.
(d) It mostly smells of fish.

2. Why is Mr. Arable going to kill one of the pigs?
(a) It has been attacking the other pigs.
(b) He wants to cook it for breakfast.
(c) He wants to sell the meat at market.
(d) It is the runt of the litter.

3. How does the rain in Chapter 4 disrupt Wilbur's plans?
(a) The sound of the raindrops disturbs his nap.
(b) He had wanted to go out and dig a new hole in his yard.
(c) A leaky roof makes rain drip and soak his bed.
(d) All the loudest animals are driven inside the barn by the rain.

4. Under what conditions does Mr. Zuckerman allow Fern to visit Wilbur?
(a) She can only come once a week.
(b) She must bring food for all the farm animals.
(c) She must help out with chores around the farm.
(d) She cannot let Wilbur out or enter his pigpen herself.

5. What does Charlotte warn will happen if the egg Templeton took breaks?
(a) The goose and the gander will be sad.
(b) Templeton will want another egg.
(c) All of Templeton's things will stick together.
(d) The smell will be so bad no one will be able to live in the barn.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the goose know about Wilbur's future that Wilbur does not yet?

2. What does Avery think of Fern's new pet pig?

3. Why does Templeton say he won't break the egg?

4. How does Mr. Zuckerman get Wilbur to return to the pigpen?

5. Except for the goose, who is the first to know the goslings have hatched?

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