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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13 - Good Progress.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wilbur do to try to find his mysterious new friend?
(a) Wake up each animal one by one and ask him or her if he or she is the friend.
(b) Ask the party who addressed him the night before to give him a sign.
(c) Ask Templeton if he saw anything suspicious the night before.
(d) Look under the hay and behind his food trough.

2. Which of the following is not something Fern does when she comes to visit Wilbur?
(a) She does not listen.
(b) She does not sit and think.
(c) She does not sing.
(d) She does not watch Wilbur.

3. How does Mr. Arable respond to the idea of Fern believing that animals can talk?
(a) He tells Mrs. Arable Fern is spending too much time at the barn.
(b) He is worried something is wrong with her ears.
(c) He says he hears them talking, too.
(d) He seems amused and says maybe animals do talk.

4. What does Charlotte do while she is spinning her web?
(a) Talk to herself.
(b) Yawn over and over.
(c) Sing songs.
(d) Snack on flies.

5. What do Fern and Avery play on in Mr. Zuckerman's barn?
(a) An old wagon.
(b) Hay bales.
(c) The ladder to the hay loft.
(d) A swing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Avery try to catch in the barn?

2. Who tells Wilbur he doesn't have to stay in his yard?

3. How often does Mrs. Arable say Fern goes to the barn?

4. Where is Avery at the beginning of Chapter 8?

5. Who is Dr. Dorian?

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