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Newspaper Article

Have students pick one of the times when Charlotte debuts a new web and write a newspaper article telling about the event and the web's reception. Remind them to include the 5Ws: who, what, where, when, and why.

Weaving Other Words

Charlotte's webs describe Wilbur, but what might she have to say about the other characters? Have students pick a couple characters and select words that would be fitting for webs about them. Ask students to write explanations for why they selected the words and phrases that they did for each character.

Fern's Diary

Have students write a series of diary entries for Fern that describe her changing feelings about Wilbur and life over the course of the year that Charlotte's Web occurs.

Plan a Routine

Have small groups work together to choreograph a routine of flips and other tricks for Wilbur to demonstrate just how...

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