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Chapter 1 - Before Breakfast

• Fern sees her father with an ax and finds out he is planning to kill the runt of the recently born litter of pigs.

• Fern pleads for the runt's life.

• She is allowed to keep and raise the baby pig.

• She nurses the pig with a baby bottle and names it Wilbur.

Chapter 2 - Wilbur

• Fern and Wilbur live happily together with her treating him like a baby.

• She feeds Wilbur bottles of milk and walks him around in her doll carriage.

• As Wilbur grows older, he is moved out of the house and into a box under a tree.

• When Wilbur is five weeks old, Mr. Arable decides that they can't afford to feed him anymore and he must be sold.

• Fern sells Wilbur to her uncle, and Wilbur goes to live in a manure pile in the cellar of Mr. Zuckerman's barn...

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