The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle Short Essay - Answer Key

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Short Essay Questions Key

1. How does Charlotte feel about the scene she sees at the docks?

When she and her hired man are at the docks, Charlotte is amazed by the commotion happening all around her. Her current surroundings are like nothing she has experienced before.

2. What happens when Charlotte asks Mr. Grummage what her captain's name is?

Charlotte learns from Mr. Grummage that the captain's name is Captain Jaggery. The man carrying the trunk overhears this name and puts the trunk down, refusing to go any further even if he were to get twice as much money. This man wants nothing to do with Captain Jaggery, and he quickly walks away.

3. What is the most unique part of the ship to Charlotte as she looks at it while waiting for Mr. Grummage?

The most unique aspect of the ship to Charlotte is the carved figurehead of a white seahawk displayed below the bowsprit. Charlotte comments that it looks more like an angry, avenging angel than a docile bird.

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