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George Crile III
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Cogan drag his feet?
(a) He hopes to become a Congressman.
(b) He hopes the controversial Congressman will not be reelected.
(c) He hopes to gain Wilson's support.
(d) He hopes to become a CIA agent.

2. Back in the United States, Joanne Herring plans what for Zia's first visit to the country?
(a) A parade.
(b) A celebration.
(c) A reception.
(d) A meeting with the President.

3. Why must Avrakotos quit school?
(a) To help his family after his father loses his job.
(b) He is failing all of his classes.
(c) He is unhappy in school.
(d) He becomes very ill.

4. What does Hart fear?
(a) Anything more could anger the Russians to an escalation in both Afghanistan and elsewhere, endangering American troops.
(b) Anything that goes against the policies he has created when dealing with othe countries.
(c) He will lose his position in the agency.
(d) He will be unable to control Wilson.

5. What does Hart feel that bleeding the Russians represents?
(a) Bleeding freedom.
(b) Defeat for America.
(c) An end to American humane policies.
(d) Victory for America.

Short Answer Questions

1. Years later, the author reports, Hart fails to believe what?

2. Who does Wilson begin to woo?

3. Who of the tribal leaders will later voice support for Saddam Hussein during the first gulf war?

4. He graduates from the prestigious school with what?

5. Who does Wilson call to clean up the mess of the wreck?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens to Avrakotos in 1975?

2. What makes Wilson the first congressman to give money to the CIA?

3. What does Charlie Wilson do on June 27, 1980?

4. What is known about the refugees of the Afghan/Russian war?

5. What do Wilson, Shannon, and several Israelis do after weapons negotiations?

6. Who does Wilson begin to woo? Who is this person?

7. How does Avrakotos feel after going to a Greek witch and having that person put a curse on director Graver?

8. How are the charges dropped against Wilson?

9. Why does Wilson want to meet with someone from the CIA? Do they agree to meet with him? Why or why not?

10. Describe a desire Avrakotos finds early in childhood.

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