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George Crile III
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. About whom does the author give background information?
(a) Congressman Gust Avrakotos.
(b) Senator Gust Avrokotos.
(c) FBI agent Gust Avrokotos.
(d) CIA agent Gust Avrakotos.

2. How do the Soviets gain worldwide negative attention?
(a) After joining with China to scare the United Nations.
(b) After attacking Iraq.
(c) After the mass killing of Afghan fighters.
(d) After threatening the United States.

3. How does Shannon show that she understands the secrecy of the trip keenly?
(a) She is dressed in a disguise the entire time.
(b) She does not speak during the trip, for fear of exposing secrets.
(c) She never develops the pictures she takes there.
(d) She never talks about the trip after it is completed.

4. How do the Soviets feel about the tactics of the Afghan fighters?
(a) Sad.
(b) Excited.
(c) Intimidated.
(d) Angry.

5. What do the CIA agents resent about Wilson?
(a) He designates a substantial chunk for his own purposes, and they must answer to Long.
(b) He designates a substantial chunk for his own travel and leisure.
(c) He designates Long as the advisor to the funds.
(d) He designates a substantial chunk for anti-aircraft artillery, and that they must account for all of it to Wilson.

6. After telling off the European chief, who does Avrakotos alienate?
(a) His family.
(b) The director and his former friend Clair George.
(c) The other CIA agents.
(d) The chief and Charlie Wilson.

7. How does Wilson hit another car while he he is driving?
(a) He is distracted.
(b) He is drunk.
(c) The roads are slippery.
(d) He is tired.

8. What does Hart feel that bleeding the Russians represents?
(a) Defeat for America.
(b) An end to American humane policies.
(c) Bleeding freedom.
(d) Victory for America.

9. How does Wilson deal with the CIA during the first leg of the trip?
(a) He avoids them.
(b) He taunts them.
(c) He helps them.
(d) He communicates frequently with them.

10. Of the forty-nine other recruits, how many hail from Ivy League schools?
(a) Twenty-eight.
(b) Thirty-eight.
(c) Forty-two.
(d) Fourteen.

11. How does Avrakotos stay alive after the leak?
(a) Only by hiding in someone's home for many months.
(b) Only by hurrying back to the United States.
(c) Only by killing those who are after him.
(d) Only by using complicated, evasive measures.

12. He graduates from the prestigious school with what?
(a) The most merits in anyone's memory.
(b) The highest GPA in anyone's memory.
(c) The most enemies in anyone's memory.
(d) The most demerits in anyone's memory.

13. What does the author point out about Wilson's term?
(a) It is beginning.
(b) It will be long.
(c) It is ending.
(d) It is going well.

14. When does the CIA carefully become involved with Afghanistan?
(a) When the Iraqis attack Affghanistan.
(b) When the Afghanis attack Iraq.
(c) When the Afghanis attack the Soviet Union.
(d) When the Soviets attack Afghanistan.

15. Why does Avrakotos believe that he stands little chance of receiving a substantial promotion?
(a) He has not been an agent very long.
(b) He is poor.
(c) He refuses to play by the rules of his Ivy League colleagues.
(d) He is Greek.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the CIA construct AID?

2. Who of the tribal leaders will later voice support for Saddam Hussein during the first gulf war?

3. How does Avrakotos feel about the purge including the firing of first generation Americans in posts all over the world?

4. How does Wilson feel for the deception?

5. Why does the CIA visit Wilson?

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