Charlie Wilson's War Short Essay - Answer Key

George Crile III
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1. What does Charlie Wilson do on June 27, 1980?

On June 27 of 1980, Charlie Wilson arrives in Las Vegas with the fanfare of a very rich man, though he actually only makes a modest salary.

2. How does the CIA carefully become involved when the Soviets attack Afghanistan?

They construct aid so that the United States holds no connection with huge stockpiles of weapons, confiscated during previous wars. Many of the weapons are smuggled into Afghanistan through neighboring Pakistan. Worldwide, the Soviets gain negative attention after the mass killing of Afghan fighters. However, the tactics of the Afghan fighters, though unsophisticated, intimidate the Soviet soldiers.

3. What makes Wilson the first congressman to give money to the CIA?

Wilson's call for more support of the conflict in Afghanistan marks the first time a congressman gave money to the CIA. Yet, the generous increase makes no visible impact on the seemingly hopeless conflict.

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