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George Crile III
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21-23.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wilson shows interest in Vickers' plan, but on what does he still insist?
(a) The need for a weapon to shoot down the Hind helicopters.
(b) Being in charge of the entire operation.
(c) HIring someone with more prestige.
(d) A plan for ridding the Afghans of the Soviet forces.

2. What does the author point out about Wilson's term?
(a) It is ending.
(b) It is going well.
(c) It is beginning.
(d) It will be long.

3. Why does the CIA construct AID?
(a) To help support the Afghanis.
(b) So that the United States holds no connection with huge stockpiles of weapons, confiscated during previous wars.
(c) So that the United States is seen as an ally to the Afghanis.
(d) To show the Soviets that the United States is powerful.

4. Where does Zia invite Wilson?
(a) To dinner.
(b) To a meeting.
(c) To lunch.
(d) To a party.

5. Why does Howard Hart feel especially threatened?
(a) He wants to be in charge of all decisions that are made.
(b) He feels that concealing US involvement must remain a top priority.
(c) He feels that the US should not conceal its involvement.
(d) He feels that Wilson is being too controlling.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the refugee camps, what does Wilson notice?

2. In a discussion with the elders of the Afghan tribesmen, what does Wilson recognize?

3. With Zia's permission, Shannon and Wilson do what?

4. What does Gust Avrakotos desire?

5. What does Ghazala give them?

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