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George Crile III
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 24-26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In a discussion with the elders of the Afghan tribesmen, what does Wilson recognize?
(a) They want sympathy, not revenge.
(b) They do not want sympathy, only revenge on the Soviets.
(c) They do not want any support.
(d) They do not understand who he is.

2. At this time, the tribal leaders agree to what?
(a) Accept weapons from Israel and begin a friendship.
(b) Accept weapons from Israel, as long as they remain anonymous.
(c) Appear to be friends with Israel.
(d) Sign a peace treaty with Israel.

3. What does Hart fear?
(a) He will lose his position in the agency.
(b) Anything that goes against the policies he has created when dealing with othe countries.
(c) Anything more could anger the Russians to an escalation in both Afghanistan and elsewhere, endangering American troops.
(d) He will be unable to control Wilson.

4. Of what does Russian leader Gorbachev accuse Pakistan's President Zia?
(a) Support for the Soviet Union.
(b) Support for Egypt.
(c) Support for Afghanistan.
(d) Support for Iraq.

5. What does Vickers point out to Avrakotos about the Soviet Special forces?
(a) The introduction of Soviet Special forces shows an interest in a war.
(b) The introduction of Soviet Special forces reveals them as a threat.
(c) The introduction of Soviet Special forces shows desperation.
(d) The introduction of Soviet Special forces shows power.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of all the rewards of being a Congressman, what does Charlie Wilson enjoy the best?

2. Does Avrakotos agree with Wilson's rationale for the money?

3. Upon this first visit, what does Wilson decide that the freedom fighters need?

4. In the refugee camps, what does Wilson notice?

5. What do these feelings of invincibility give Avrakotos?

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