Objects & Places from Charlie Wilson's War

George Crile III
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Washington DC

Charlie Wilson cultivates his playboy lifestyle in this city, living with more celebrity than most members of congress.


The introduction offers the most detailed account of the CIA headquarters.

Las Vegas

Wilson's lifestyle fits no city better than this one.


Many outsiders see the fighters of this country as crude and untrained. Those who fought against them, however, cite frightening instances of torture that affect fear to the most trained of the Soviet soldiers.


In the time of the cold war, America sees this country as its ultimate enemy.

Trinity, Texas

Charlie Wilson grows up in this conservative town. His liberal mother, however, encourages him to always fight for the underdog.


Wilson's first attack against the spread of communism arises in this country. He arranges for a meeting between Somoza, the dictator, and the CIA.

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

This steel town is the...

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