Charlie Wilson's War Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

George Crile III
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Essay Topic 1

Charlie Wilson is a dynamic man.

Part 1) Describe Charlie Wilson. How doe his personality prepare him for a career in politics?

Part 2) How does his personality also cause problems for him? How is his personality both helpful and detrimental?

Part 3) Why does he desire a playboy persona? What might have led him to desire this? How does this need for a lavish lifestyle affect him?

Essay Topic 2

The Soviets have been a growing threat.

Part 1) How do you know they have been a growing threat? How has this threat affected Charlie throughout his life?

Part 2) How might Charlie's thoughts about the Soviets affect his ability to understand the Afghan leaders and their motives?

Part 3) How do Charlie and others deal with this threat? Is this fear of the Soviets warranted? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

Gust Avrakotos is a CiA agent.

Part 1) What do you know about Avrakotos'...

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