Charlie Wilson's War Character Descriptions

George Crile III
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Charlie Wilson

As a boy, this character listened to radio reports in Trinity, Texas, of Churchill in World War II. He feels the excitement and honor of military service.

Gust Avrakotos

This character grows up in a steel mill town in western Pennsylvania. He has a very ethnic upbringing, which teaches him many things that later prove invaluable.

Joanne Herring

This character, a debutante from Texas, learns of the plight of the mujahideen in Afghanistan from the Count of Marenches, a personal friend.

Liz Wickersham

The daughter of one of Wilson's political supporters, she serves as a runner up for Miss America and poses for Playboy. Wilson introduces her to Hollywood persons, hoping to land her a job on a new soap opera.

Charles Simpson

This character, Wilson's administrative assistant, admits Wilson's one downfall is his drinking. When Wilson gets out of a costly hit-and-run accident with no...

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