Objects & Places from Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator

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The Great Glass Elevator

This object symbolizes the power of the imagination. Its traits match the fancy of its creator, Willy Wonka. Anywhere Wonka needs to be, this object can take him. It opens any door to a plethora of fantasy worlds, from wondrous to downright dangerous.

Heatproof Metal

This object symbolizes human ingenuity. In Chapter 8, Willy Wonka explains that this material is the element that keeps humans' space capsules from bursting into flames. In contrast, the Vermicious Knids' lack of this material keeps them from being able to enter earth's atmosphere without dying in a fiery blaze.

Elevator Button

Every one of these objects represents the element of chance, since none carries any marking, color, or other trait that causes it to differ from any other of its kind. Therefore, the users of this object must rely on pure chance in an effort to determine their destination...

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