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Essay Topic 1

Trace the characterization arc of Charlie’s character throughout the novel. Discuss whether Charlie is a round or flat character and whether he is a static or dynamic character.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the novel’s use of political satire within its scenes involving the Space Hotel USA.

Essay Topic 3

What is the novel's message concerning the link between mind and body?

Essay Topic 4

Determine Dahl's message regarding the idea that authority should be challenged.

Essay Topic 5

Look carefully at the passages of the novel that portray the close relationship between danger and excitement. What is Dahl's purpose for discussing at length the nature of the connection between these two elements of the human condition?

Essay Topic 6

Explicate the theme of courage within the novel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. What is Dahl's message regarding courage and how do you know?

Essay Topic 7

Discuss the ways...

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