Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Character Descriptions

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Willy Wonka

This character owns a glorious and mysterious chocolate factory. He is childlike in his mannerisms and worldview. He is described as being little and lithe, with a top hat and a purple velvet coat.

Charlie Bucket

This character is a nice, polite, and brave boy. He loves his family very much, but he has a bond with one of his grandfathers that is closer than even his relationships with his own parents. By the beginning of the text, this character has been promised the chocolate factory once he is old enough to run it.

Grandpa Joe

This character is the oldest of the protagonist's four grandparents, but he is also the most jovial and energetic. This character is also notable for his tenacity and open-minded nature.

President Lancelot R. Gillygrass

This character is a bit of a buffoon, being prone to rash judgments. This character surrounds himself...

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