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Short Answer Questions

1. The Bowery Boys take their name from what?

2. Charley is thrilled to be assigned to what regiment?

3. What gang was Charley's brother Johnny a member of before he joined the army?

4. What does Charley plan to do with some of the money he earns in the Union Army?

5. Con abandons Charley to do what on board the ship?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which soldier does Charley see marching in the street when he sneaks out?

2. What does Michael Demarest say he will do if Charley does not stop fighting?

3. What happens to Charley's drum during the battle?

4. Who is the solder Charley meets on board the ship, who tries to help him?

5. Which friend of Charley's is wounded at Sanders Field?

6. Where there any policewomen in Charley's time?

7. What rank has Jem Miller been promoted to in Chapter 6?

8. In Chapter 6, what new clothes is Charley wearing and how does he feel about them?

9. Which of Charley's friends is killed at Sanders Field, and how?

10. In Chapter 6, which soldier shouts at Charley angrily while the soldier is being punished?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the personality of Jershua Bent, also known as Granny. How does she treat Charley at the beginning? Does this change over time? How does Charley's opinion of her change?

Essay Topic 2

At the beginning of the novel Charley is sure that if he can get his hands on a gun, he will heroically kill a lot of Confederate soldiers.

Part 1) How does Charley's attitude change during the novel?

Part 2) How does Charley view heroism by the end of the story?

Essay Topic 3

Granny is a complex character.

Part 1) What has Granny done in the past that shows her compassion for slaves?

Part 2) What does she do now that shows her acceptance of her southern neighbors?

Part 3) Given those two contrasting actions, is it surprising that Granny would protect Charley?

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