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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Granny not like the town of Franklin?
(a) Because she likes Philadelphia better.
(b) Because it is not New York.
(c) Because it is too small.
(d) Because it is too big.

2. A man rushes past Charley shouting what?
(a) That the war is over.
(b) That he is tired and thirsty.
(c) That the surf is up.
(d) That the patrols are up ahead, searching for deserters to shoot.

3. Why does Granny caution Charley not to speak in town?
(a) So no one hears his Southern accent.
(b) So he looks smart.
(c) So no one hears his Yankee accent.
(d) So no one speaks to him.

4. What does Granny receive in exchange for her skill healing the mountain people?
(a) Nothing, she does it for free.
(b) She will only accept hard cash.
(c) She receives meat, vegetables, honey and other items.
(d) She accepts gold, silver and tomatoes.

5. How does Charley come to the farm?
(a) He follows the river.
(b) He follows a horse.
(c) He follows a faint trail, hoping it leads to the road.
(d) He swims across the bay.

6. What would Thad Porter have to do if he caught Charley?
(a) Capture him or shoot him because Thad is a Union soldier and Charley is a deserter.
(b) Buy him a drink because Charley is a deserter from the Union army.
(c) Shoot him because Thad is a Confederate soldier.
(d) Take him prisoner because Thad is a confederate soldier.

7. What does Sarie give Charley in Chapter 15?
(a) A hair ribbon.
(b) A lock of her hair.
(c) A padlock.
(d) A hair shirt.

8. In Chapter 13, Charley learns that for 15 years, Granny's farm served as what?
(a) A station on the Metra Express Blue Line.
(b) A waystation for songbirds.
(c) A station on the Underground Railroad.
(d) An stop for the red line subway.

9. What religion is Charley?
(a) Buddist.
(b) Catholic.
(c) Jewish.
(d) Episcopalian.

10. What was the name of Granny's husband?
(a) Thad.
(b) Romeo.
(c) Malindy.
(d) Isaac.

11. How did Charley break the law and become a wanted criminal?
(a) By stealing eggs from the farm.
(b) By shoplifting candy.
(c) By riding a train.
(d) By deserting the Union Army.

12. How are the panther's tracks distinctive?
(a) It only has 3 paws.
(b) One paw has 7 toes.
(c) It wears shoes.
(d) One paw is turned in.

13. What is the problem with Charley's canteen?
(a) It leaks.
(b) It smells bad.
(c) It has the Union Army insignia on it.
(d) It has the Confederate Army insignia on it.

14. What does Charley do to the panther?
(a) He chases it away.
(b) He sells it to the zoo.
(c) He shoots and kills it.
(d) He tames it for a pet.

15. By Chapter 13, what has Charley learned about herbs?
(a) Their names and how to paint them.
(b) Their names in English and French.
(c) Their names in English and Russian.
(d) Their names and how they can be used to heal people.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Charley get into a fistfight with in Chapter 12?

2. What does Granny feed Charley after they first meet?

3. What happens when Charley fires Granny's gun?

4. Hardtack is similar to what?

5. In Chapter 13, what does Granny do when they hear a strange "bird call"?

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