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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Silas Gorman want to do?
(a) Stay a drummer boy forever.
(b) Go home to Pennsylvania now that he has turned 16.
(c) Go to Philadelphia since he is only 15.
(d) Become a soldier now that he has turned 16 and is old enough.

2. After the battle, Charley is what?
(a) A Confederate soldier.
(b) A deserter.
(c) Unchanged.
(d) A new man.

3. The Bowery Boys take their name from what?
(a) The poem "Bowery Boys."
(b) The song "Bowery Boys."
(c) The Bronx area of New York City.
(d) The Bowery area of New York City.

4. What is Noreen's business?
(a) She bakes bread.
(b) She decorates hats for women.
(c) She sews dresses for women.
(d) She designs suits for men.

5. What other duties does Charley handle?
(a) None -- he has no duties.
(b) Running errands, fetching groceries, washing dishes.
(c) Washing dishes, peeling potatoes, polishing shoes.
(d) Running errands, helping with maps, carrying water.

6. What two Union generals are rumored to be at the Culpepper headquarters?
(a) General Grant and General Jackson.
(b) General Grant and General Jones.
(c) General Meade and General Ale.
(d) General Grant and General Meade.

7. Who is the second soldier that Charley meets on board?
(a) Austin Stephens.
(b) Jem Miller.
(c) Travis Brown.
(d) Purcy Murray.

8. Talking to Jem before the battle, Charley says that deserters are nothing but what?
(a) Cowards.
(b) Reasonable.
(c) Brave men.
(d) Seasick.

9. In his letter, Charley tells Noreen what?
(a) To worry about Con.
(b) To worry about Johnny.
(c) To worry about him.
(d) Not to worry about him.

10. Who finally gives Charley a ride on his horse when the boy is too exhausted to walk?
(a) A Union officer.
(b) General Robert E. Lee.
(c) A Confederate general.
(d) A lady.

11. Where does Charley see the first Confederate soldier in the battle?
(a) Staples Center.
(b) Sanders Field.
(c) Soldier Field.
(d) New Zealand.

12. On the way home, Charley gets into a fight with a member of what rival gang?
(a) The Crips.
(b) The Dead Rabbits.
(c) The Latin Kings.
(d) The Bowery Boys.

13. What two sides fought in the Civil War?
(a) The Union and the Confederacy, also called the North and the South.
(b) France and Russia.
(c) Germany and the U.S.
(d) The U.S. and North Korea.

14. What is the nickname for a New York police officer in the novel?
(a) A Metropolitan.
(b) A Metro Man.
(c) A goon.
(d) A blue suit.

15. How much do soldiers in the Union Army earn?
(a) $100 per month.
(b) $77 per month.
(c) $13 per month.
(d) $4 per month.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Noreen?

2. Who does Charley meet again on the train?

3. Con abandons Charley to do what on board the ship?

4. What does Colonel Ayers says will happen to anyone who runs away during battle?

5. Who is the wounded solder that Charley sees in the battle?

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