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Silly Clubs

The Dead Rabbits seems like a pretty silly name for a fierce gang. Think of three silly names for a club of friends. The Purple Gumdrops? The Paisley Girls? Use your imagination.

Bowery Boys Poem

Write a poem about the Bowery Boys gang.

Silly Club Outfit

All the Bowery Boys including Charley try to dress alike. Dress in an outfit that would be unique for your club.

Silly Club Dance

Invent a dance for one of your silly clubs, and teach it to at least one other person.

Drum Activity

Charley beats signals on a drum to relay the Captain's orders to the soldiers. Invent some drum signals of your own -- the louder, the better. Practice them on a table or desk with pencils or pens.

Ship Drawing

Charley gets on board ship with Con Sullivan and the other soldiers. Draw the ship with as...

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