Charley Skedaddle Character Descriptions

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Charley Quinn

The book's main character, a Bowery Boy, who becomes a drummer in the Union army.

Jerusha Bent

Also known as Granny, this old woman takes Charley in and makes him work when she finds him stealing eggs in her hen house.

Noreen Quinn

Charley's older sister has a business in New York, adding trimmings to ladies' hats.

Con Sullivan

A soldier who knew Charley's older brother Johnny, he owns Johnny's knife and reenlisted only because of the money.

Jem Miller

A soldier who befriends Charley on the boat trip and tries to help him, eventually getting him a position as a drummer boy with the 140th New York Veteran Volunteers.

Silas Gorman

A 16-year-old drummer boy who trains Charley and is wounded in the battle at The Wilderness.

Cois McRae

A boy whose family has a feud with Granny Bent's clan. He and Charley initially fight...

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