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Chapters 1 through 4

• Charley Quinn, 12, a member of the Bowery Boys gang, is walking home through the Bowery neighborhood in New York City in 1865.

• He encounters Tom, a member of the rival gang, the Dead Rabbits.

• Charley's older brother Johnny cannot help him because he died in the Civil War, at Gettysburg.

• Charley knows he should not get in a fight because he is wearing his best clothes and making a deliver for his sister Noreen.

• Still, Charley doesn't want to back down from a fight and be considered a coward.

• The two boys fight and Charlie is winning, although his face is bruised and his pants are dirty.

• A policeman, called a Metropolitan, breaks up the fight.

• Instead of arresting Charley, the policeman drags him home to his older sister Noreen.

• Noreen is angry that Charley has been fighting, but relieved he is not seriously injured.

• Noreen's fiance...

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