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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 1, how many planetary systems does the scientific writer tell von Däniken are considered possible by present-day astronomers?
(a) 20 billion.
(b) 30 billion.
(c) 10 billion.
(d) 16 billion.

2. Von Däniken asserts that the Piri Reis maps were derived through what?
(a) Extraterrestrial drawings.
(b) Extraterrestrial maps.
(c) Aerial photography.
(d) Telepathy.

3. How many different species of living creatures are estimated to live on Earth, according to von Däniken?
(a) 2,000,000.
(b) 25,000.
(c) 35,000,500.
(d) 25,000,000.

4. How many fixed stars are in our Milky Way, according to von Däniken in Chapter 1?
(a) 200 billion.
(b) 20 billion.
(c) 30 billion.
(d) 100 billion.

5. Piri Reis is an admiral from where?
(a) Greece.
(b) Spain.
(c) England.
(d) Turkey.

6. How many stars does the telescope of even a small observatory make visible, according to von Däniken in Chapter 1?
(a) 2,000,000.
(b) 2,000.
(c) 200,000.
(d) 20,000,000.

7. Von Däniken is concerned with the fact that the edges of the Piri Reis maps do what at the edges?
(a) Crumble.
(b) Disappear.
(c) Show radiation.
(d) Distort.

8. Who was expecting the angels at the gate in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?
(a) Moses.
(b) Nathaniel.
(c) Lot.
(d) Herod.

9. Where were the tablets of King Hammurabi found?
(a) Mantuttu.
(b) Gilgamesh.
(c) Kukunota.
(d) Kuyunjik.

10. Von Däniken claims that astronauts today travel around the world in how many minutes in Chapter 2?
(a) 8 days.
(b) 80 hours.
(c) 86 minutes.
(d) 86 hours.

11. Around what time did Thutmose III live, as referred to in Chapter 6?
(a) 1200 B.C.
(b) 1500 B.C.
(c) 1550 B.C.
(d) 1300 B.C.

12. In the Introduction, Von Däniken speaks of finding numbers with how many digits?
(a) 40.
(b) 20.
(c) 10.
(d) 15.

13. What biochemist does von Däniken cite in Chapter 1 as hypothesizing that the conditions for life may have developed more quickly on other planets?
(a) Dr. Sarah Stein.
(b) Dr. Donald Warsaw.
(c) Dr. James Wasman.
(d) Dr. Stanley Miller.

14. Who is the grandfather of all science-fiction novelists, according to von Däniken in Chapter 2?
(a) Johann Braun.
(b) James Vinnon.
(c) Jules Verne.
(d) Michael McClure.

15. What book in the Bible is paralleled by the main thread of the Epic of Gilgamesh?
(a) Exodus.
(b) Genesis.
(c) Moses.
(d) Revelations.

Short Answer Questions

1. Von Däniken writes in the Introduction that the age of space travel is no longer an age of what?

2. How many tons does von Däniken's hypothetical spaceship weigh in Chapter 2?

3. What is the Noah of the Sumerians called?

4. What major astronomical event took place in the same period that von Däniken wrote the book?

5. How does time on the hypothetical spaceship of Chapter 2 pass in relation to time on earth?

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