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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of physical appearance can make a character more engaging?
(a) Appealing, but vague.
(b) Appealing and blatant.
(c) Appealing and specific.
(d) Appealing and subtle.

2. Besides context, what else can a name provide for a character?
(a) Beliefs.
(b) Background.
(c) Preferences.
(d) Intentions.

3. How does Chapter 1 end?
(a) With the value of a character's physical appearance.
(b) With the insignificance of a character's previous experiences.
(c) With the value of a character's previous experiences.
(d) With the insignificance of a character's physical appearance.

4. What is the author's theory about fiction in Chapter 5?
(a) Order in fiction helps us create order in reality.
(b) Order in reality helps us create order in fiction.
(c) Fiction and reality cannot coexist without order.
(d) Fiction and reality can only coexist without order.

5. What two things should a writer be open to translating into their characters and stories?
(a) Impossibility and the unknown.
(b) Possibility and the unknown.
(c) Impossibility and insight.
(d) Possibility and insight.

Short Answer Questions

1. As what is the idea of hierarchy defined?

2. In a story where character is the primary focus, how many characters need to be fully developed?

3. How will the story itself suggest characters?

4. How necessary is it for characters to be more than stereotypes in a narrative where an idea is the primary focus?

5. What must a writer define in creative writing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the author mean when he writes about "raising the emotional stakes"?

2. As explained in the Introduction, on what are the author's suggestions based?

3. What kind of act is writing and how does it compare to other mediums?

4. What is milieu and which types of stories feature it as the main narrative?

5. What is the main point of Chapter 9, "The Hero and the Common Man"?

6. What are the two aspects of creative writing and what is the difference between them?

7. What is the difference between "walk-ons" and minor characters?

8. How can a negative character become more intriguing?

9. What is an event-focused narrative and how much characterization is necessary for it?

10. How and why should a writer vary the names used in their stories?

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