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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 13, 14 and 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 8, how does the author want the reader to be engaged with a character?
(a) Fully, but gradually.
(b) Immediately, but partially.
(c) Fully and immediately.
(d) Partially and gradually.

2. What does having more complex characters lead to?
(a) Less confusion.
(b) More confusion.
(c) More possibilities.
(d) Less possibilities.

3. What does the author think can also provide ideas for additional characters?
(a) The pasts of supporting characters.
(b) The pasts of central characters.
(c) The future of supporting characters.
(d) The future of central characters.

4. How does the author define an idea?
(a) What the reader is intended to understand, but not necessarily learn.
(b) What the reader is intended to understand and/or learn.
(c) What the reader is intended to learn, but not necessarily understand.
(d) What the reader is not intended to understand and/or learn.

5. How should a character's traits be designed in order to engage the reader?
(a) Similar to the intended audience.
(b) Different than other characters.
(c) Similar to other characters.
(d) Different than the intended audience.

Short Answer Questions

1. In order to help make a character more believable, how should the details be presented?

2. What type of speech patterns do people use when they are talking into a recorder?

3. What is one of the problems with writing based on an issue?

4. What type of imperfections can be appealing to readers?

5. How many basic types of characters are there?

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