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Essay Topic 1

Define creative writing as an art form using examples of other mediums and how they differ from writing. Also, compare and contrast the storyteller and the writer, their responsibilities, and the ways they approach the story.

Essay Topic 2

Explain the main purpose of writing by answering the following:

1) What is the purpose of fiction and characters that are written effectively?

2) What is the expectations that a reader has of a fictional story and why?

Essay Topic 3

A writer can use a number of different techniques to define their characters.

1) Analyze stereotyping, its uses and application, and examples of how it can be used to introduce characters as well as develop them.

2) Describe a character's network and how it can be used to develop that character.

Essay Topic 4

Explain the reasons why a character must be believable and how a writer can create them in a way...

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