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1. Describe the relationship between Odrade and Bellonda.

Bellonda is a personal advisor to Odrade, but the two do not get along very well. While Odrade feels that her emotions can provide strength to her decisions, Bellonda thinks that emotions are fallible and that only rational, logical decisions can be trusted. However, Odrade recognizes that Bellonda brings balance to the council and thus does not attempt to replace her.

2. Describe the Great Honored Matre's leadership style.

The Great Honored Matre leads by inducing fear in others. Even Logno, her assistant, is afraid of her. Additionally, the Great Honored Matre seeks to lead by controlling environmental conditions, such as holding conferences in the dark and by controlling other types of creatures, such as the Futars.

3. Why do the Bene Gesserit keep the orchards? What challenges do they face in doing so?

The Bene Gesserit keep the orchards for food and for the emotional well-being of the group. Many of the Bene Gesserit have come from other worlds that are not being groomed as deserts. Therefore, the moisture and greenery comfort those people. However, the Bene Gesserit can only keep the orchards for a limited period of time because they are turning the planet into a desert and cannot provide the water that the trees need. Additionally, many of the Bene Gesserit see the orchards as a needless expenditure of resources.

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