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Lesson 1 (from Pages 1-50)


One of Frank Herbert's main tasks in writing this novel was to create a new world with its own rules, motivations, and goals. This task is similar in every work of science fiction, although each writer works through it in his or her own way. The objective of this lesson is to explore what we learn about the Dune universe in this section, including aspects such as language, societies, and communication.


1. Vocabulary activity. Search this chapter for words that are unique to Frank Herbert's writing and make a list of them. Then try to determine their definitions, using context clues and whatever knowledge you may have of the other Dune novels. Reserve the ones that you cannot figure out, and try to determine definitions for them through clues that you find later in the novel.

2. Classroom discussion. What is the Bene Gesserit society, and how...

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