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Build a diorama of Central based on your mental images of the grounds.


Using kitchen ingredients that are available to you, make a mixture that you think smells like the description of spice.


Build a working model of a glowglobe.


Try to recreate the drawing of a sandworm that Sheeana has on her bedroom wall.

Frictionless Machinery

Research the possibility of frictionless machinery (as in a no-ship), and make an assessment of whether it is a possibility for future technology.


Choose an intense scene from the novel and act it out in a role-play.


Make your face up as you believe a Futar would look.

Bene Gesserit society

Draw a diagram of the various levels of Bene Gesserit society and how one moves from one level to another.

Teg's warship

Arrange the classroom in a way that reflects your mental image of...

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