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Pages 1-50

• Odrade celebrates the birth of Teg, the reincarnation of her father.

• The Great Honored Matre is introduced as a leader who is not afraid to kill anyone who displeases her.
• Odrade teaches Teg to respect the orchards and other types of life for their inherent value.

• The Great Honored Matre hints about a Weapon that the Honored Matres plan to use to further their domination of the universe.
• Odrade relies on Sea Child for calmness and sanity while she faces difficult decisions about the Honored Matres and the desert on Chapterhouse.
• Lucilla Shares the memories of the Reverend Mothers from Lampadas with Rebecca, a member of the Jewish society on Junction.

Pages 51-104

• Sheeana creates a sculpture out of black plaz that reflects her thoughts on the state of the universe.
• Odrade reflects on Murbella's fighting abilities and Scytale's axlotl tanks, both of which are disturbing...

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