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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 12: Chapter 17 and 18.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Esi do that surprises Oko's mother?
(a) Sends her flowers.
(b) Does not let Ogyaanowa see Oko's mother anymore.
(c) Let Ogyaanowa to continue to live with Oko's mother.
(d) Sends her a note apologizing.

2. What does Oko think Esi has not lost?
(a) Her love for Oko.
(b) Her schoolgirl looks or ways.
(c) Her combative spirit.
(d) Her desire for perfection.

3. What do Ali and Fusena insist upon before Ali leaves Ghana?
(a) That Fusena is pregnant.
(b) That Ali find a second wife before he leaves Ghana.
(c) That Fusena join Ali within a couple months.
(d) That Ali accept a dowry to keep the arrangement.

4. What does Fusena realize when Ali's female relatives visit her?
(a) That they have been unable to dissuade Ali from marriage to Esi.
(b) That they do not want Ali to marry again.
(c) That they are betraying her.
(d) That they want her to divorce Ali.

5. What happens one day as Ali is pulling away from Esi's house?
(a) He smashes into Esi's car.
(b) Opokuya pulls in.
(c) He hits a bicyclist.
(d) He slumps over the wheel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who watches Esi dress with pleasure?

2. How does Ali feel about his father?

3. What happens soon after Ali is born?

4. How long does Ali live away from his father?

5. About what does Opokuya wonder concerning Esi and Fusena?

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