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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 10: Chapter 13 and 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has Ali always trained himself not to do?
(a) Have safe sex.
(b) Be prepared for all contingencies.
(c) Wake before the sun rises.
(d) Get sexually attracted to a married woman.

2. Who is Kubi?
(a) The doctor who supervises Opokuya.
(b) Opokuya's husband.
(c) A baby Opokuya has just delivered.
(d) Opokuya's oldest son.

3. Why does Opokuya want the car today?
(a) To go to a meeting in a nearby town.
(b) To visit Kubi's sister.
(c) To shop for school clothes for the children.
(d) To visit her grandmother.

4. What is one thing Esi's father asks Ali?
(a) If Ali expects children from Esi.
(b) If his first wife knows of Ali's desire to marry Esi.
(c) If Ali has been faithful to his first wife except with Esi.
(d) If Ali can afford two wives.

5. What does Esi say to Opokuya that makes Opokuya wonder what's wrong with Esi?
(a) That at least Opokuya finds life a little worthwhile.
(b) That Esi is goint to visit her mother, which she never does.
(c) That Oko is on a business trip again.
(d) That Esi is going to visit her grandmother, which she never does.

Short Answer Questions

1. What traditional rule has been already broken concerning Ali and Esi according to Opokuya?

2. Who does Opokuya think has to be a fool in a marriage?

3. Upon what do Esi and Opokuya agree?

4. To what does Fusena agree?

5. What does Fusena ask Allah after Ali tells her his plans?

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