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Edmonde Charles-Roux
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Chanel believe people looked to her designs for?
(a) Sartorial expression.
(b) The prestige of her name on the label.
(c) Innovation.
(d) A new modern lifestyle.

2. What made Chanel different from the other girls at the novitiate?
(a) She did not come from a wealthy family.
(b) She was an orphan.
(c) She dressed differently.
(d) She had no interest in religious life.

3. How long did Adrienne Chanel wait to marry her lover?
(a) Ten years.
(b) Five years.
(c) Thirty years.
(d) Twenty years.

4. What property did Chanel purchase in cash for her business?
(a) The Villa Larralde.
(b) The Chateau D'Aix.
(c) The Domaine des Roches.
(d) The Chalet Serena.

5. How is Boy Capel's attitude described?
(a) Ambitious.
(b) Nurturing.
(c) Aggressive.
(d) Carefree.

6. How is the shop described where Chanel was sent to work?
(a) As elegant.
(b) As inviting.
(c) As busy.
(d) As small and dingy.

7. Around the time Chanel was trying to break into the theatre, what performances were favored by the nouveau-riche?
(a) Orchestral performances.
(b) Poetry readings.
(c) Operettas.
(d) Mime.

8. What did Chanel do for her friend Raymond Radiguet?
(a) Paid for his daughter's schooling.
(b) Bought him an apartment.
(c) Paid his hospital bills.
(d) Hired him as an assistant designer.

9. How did Chanel wear her collars which were unlike other women of the time?
(a) Chanel purposely never wore collared shirts.
(b) Popped up.
(c) Decorated with frills and lace.
(d) As simple folded-down squares.

10. Who did Chanel describe as a nasal-voiced old clown?
(a) Sarah Bernhardt.
(b) Gabrielle Dorziat.
(c) Emilienne d'Alecon.
(d) Pablo Picasso.

11. During Chanel's Russian Period, what did she incorporate into her fashions?
(a) Crochet and macramé.
(b) Furs and embroidery.
(c) Rhinestones.
(d) French lace.

12. What invention made the flaws of women's dress apparent?
(a) Electric heaters.
(b) Motor vehicles.
(c) Washing machines.
(d) Cameras.

13. What did nostalgics lament about the direction of post-war fashion?
(a) That it was the end of opulence.
(b) That it was the end of good taste.
(c) That it was the end of durable fabrics.
(d) That it was the end of the "golden era."

14. What did Chanel introduce to her collections in 1932?
(a) Jewelry made with real jewels.
(b) Designer sunglasses.
(c) Footwear.
(d) Rain jackets and umbrellas.

15. For which stage production directed by Cocteau did Chanel act as costumer?
(a) La Lampe d'Aladin.
(b) Antigone.
(c) Les Monstres sacrés.
(d) Allégories.

Short Answer Questions

1. What common item of clothing was Chanel credited with developing?

2. What garment gave Chanel her first major commercial success?

3. What did Boy's transfer away from the front lines allow him to do?

4. Where did Chanel make her stage debut?

5. Who is said to have ushered Chanel into chateau life?

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