Objects & Places from Chanel and Her World

Edmonde Charles-Roux
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The Cevennes

This is the region in France where Chanel was born.

The Chateau Royallieu

This was Balsan's main property.

Biarritz and Deauville

These are retreats for the wealthy.


This was where the majority of Chanel's career takes place.

Rue Cambon

This was the site of Chanel's first shop.

The Theatre

This was a place where Chanel was able to exhibit her work.


This was where Chanel was offered work by Sam Goldwyn.

Eaton Hall

This was where Chanel and Bend'or spent much of their courtship.


This was the location of the Chanel's olive grove.


This was where Chanel went into self-imposed exile.

Chanel's Apartment at Rue Cambon

This was in the same building as her design house.

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