Chanel and Her World Fun Activities

Edmonde Charles-Roux
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Book Cover

Design a new cover for Chanel and Her World that presents the book in an interesting and creative way.


Dramatize an interesting event (or sequence of events) from Chanel's life and perform it as a dramatic scene or comedic skit.


Choose an interesting event or setting in Chanel and Her World and create a diorama based on it.

Storyboard/Comic book

Choose a period Chanel's life and represent it visually in the form of a film storyboard or comic book.

Film Study

Watch the 2008 television biopic Coco Chanel or the 2009 film Coco Avant Chanel, taking note of differences between what is presented differently on screen and in Chanel and Her World. Critique the casting of the characters.

Game Show

Divide class into two teams. Have each team come up with a set number of questions about Chanel and Her World (Roughly 10-20. Each team...

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