Chanel and Her World Character Descriptions

Edmonde Charles-Roux
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Gabrielle Chanel

This person introduced the concept of women's clothing that serves a lifestyle of freedom of movement.

Albert Chanel

This person sold work clothes and undergarments.

Antoinette Chanel

This person ran the Chanel shop in Biarritz.

Etienne Balsan

This person owned a chateau.

Boy Capel

This person died in a tragic car accident.

Suzanne d'Orlandi

This person married at the age of forty, a remarkable feat for a person in such a circumstance.

Emilienne d'Alencon

This person was a socialite, poet, and courtesan.

Sarah Bernhardt

The subject of the biography called this person an old clown with a pinched voice.

Gabrielle Dorziat

This person was a demimondaine and a vaudeville actress.

Genevieve Vix

This person was an opera singer.


This person performed eurhythmic dance, often in very little clothing.

Pierre Reverdy

This person was a poet and a close friend of the cubists.


This person...

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