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Jason Miller
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Act 1

• The play opens in the living room of Coach Delaney located in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 1972.

• The room is dusty, cluttered and filled with nostalgic items including photos of past U.S. presidents, shotguns in racks and a large silver trophy.

• Tom Daley is examining one of the guns while George Siowski mixes drinks in the kitchen.

• George tells Tom it is good to see him since Tom has missed the last three reunions of the men who comprised a championship basketball team in 1952.

• George is mayor of the city but feels winning the championship is by far his greatest accomplishment.

• George is about to launch a re-election campaign against a Jewish man named Sharmen and he intends to appoint Tom's brother, James, as superintendent of schools if he wins.

• Tom mentions the Coach's recent stomach surgery and George comments that the Coach will live forever.

• Tom pours...

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