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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Draco Malfoy not see the Golden Snitch when it was by his ear?

2. What wakes Harry up while he is in the hospital wing?

3. What does Dumbledore tell Harry to look closely at for proof that he belongs in Gryffindor house?

4. What chases Harry at the Quidditch game and knocks him off his broom?

5. What does Harry put into the diary before he gives it back to Lucius Malfoy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Aragog tell Harry and Ron about the creature from the Chamber of Secrets?

2. When Harry gets to the Chamber of Secrets in Chapter Seventeen what does Tom Riddle tell him?

3. How does Gilderoy Lockhart plan to boost the school moral in Chapter Thirteen?

4. Who are the two people removed from the school in Chapter Fourteen? What happens to them?

5. What do Harry and Ron find when they follow the spiders into the Forbidden Forest?

6. What do Harry and Ron find in Hermione's hand when they go to visit her in the hospital wing in chapter Sixteen?

7. What happens when Harry tells Tom Riddle that Dumbledore is the greatest wizard that ever lived and that people will always be faithful to Dumbledore.

8. What does Harry hear while lying in the hospital wing when Dumbledore brings in a petrified Collin Creevey?

9. What are some of the presents Harry gets for Christmas?

10. What does Dobby reveal to Harry when he comes to see him in the hospital wing in Chapter Ten?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The main character in the story is Harry with Ron and Hermione always close by him in some regard. Describe the differences between the characters and their likenesses. Look at their characteristics and their backgrounds and explain why they work so effectively with each other.

Essay Topic 2

Take a close look at the Durlseys and the Weasleys as a family entity. What are the differences? What are the similarities? Explain

Essay Topic 3

Ginny had been acting oddly from the beginning of the story due to the fact that she has feelings for Harry.

Part 1-How would the story have been different if she hadn't had feelings for Harry?

Part 2-Would someone have noticed sooner that she was acting strangely because of the diary if she had not been preoccupied with Harry?

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