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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the phoenix, Fawkes, drop at Harry's feet in the Chamber of Secrets that amuses Tom Riddle?
(a) The invisibility cloak
(b) A book
(c) A mirror
(d) The sorting hat

2. What does Dobby tell Harry he gets five times a day at home?
(a) Spankings
(b) His mouth washed out with soap
(c) Death Threats
(d) Beatings

3. Who starts to tell Harry and Ron something before they are interrupted by Percy Weasley?
(a) Neville Longbottom
(b) Jordan Lee
(c) Professor Snape
(d) Ginny Weasley

4. What does Hermione have under her pillow while she is in the hospital?
(a) A book about the secret chamber
(b) A get well card from Gilderoy Lockhart
(c) A magic charm to protect her
(d) A fuzzy bunny from her favorite aunt

5. Where do Hermione, Ron and Harry go to read the Moste Potente Potions book?
(a) Back corner of the bathroom
(b) Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
(c) Professor Snape's bedroom
(d) Quidditch training room

Short Answer Questions

1. What goes wrong when Hermione takes the Polyjuice Potion?

2. What wakes Harry up while he is in the hospital wing?

3. When Harry sees some spiders walking in a straight line where does he realize they are heading?

4. Who has been taken into the Chamber of Secrets?

5. What captures Ron and Harry in the Forbidden Forest?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens when Harry tells Tom Riddle that Dumbledore is the greatest wizard that ever lived and that people will always be faithful to Dumbledore.

2. How does Harry distract Snape while Hermione retrieves the needed ingredients?

3. What do Harry and Ron find when they follow the spiders into the Forbidden Forest?

4. What happens when Harry gives Lucius Malfoy the diary that belonged to Tom Riddle?

5. What are the pros and cons of the Polyjuice Potion that Hermione, Ron and Harry intend to brew?

6. What happens to Hermione in Chapter Fourteen?

7. What goes wrong with Hermione's portion of the Polyjuice Potion?

8. What do Harry and Ron overhear the teachers talking about in Chapter Sixteen regarding the Chamber of Secrets?

9. What happens when Draco Malfoy produces a snake during dueling class in Chapter Eleven?

10. Explain how Hermione, Ron and Harry get Lockhart to sign a permission form for them to retrieve a book from the restricted section of the library.

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