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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Professor McGonagall take Harry and Ron to see?
(a) A petrified Hermione
(b) A petrified Hagrid
(c) A petrified Tom Riddle
(d) A petrified Dumbledore

2. Who are the two professors that are teaching the Dueling Club?
(a) Dumbledore and Snape
(b) Binns and Lockhart
(c) Snape and Lockhart
(d) Lockhart and McGonagall

3. Dobby tells Harry that ________ sent the Bludger.
(a) Professor Snape
(b) Dobby
(c) Tom Riddle
(d) Draco Malfoy

4. Who does Draco Malfoy say should apply for Dumbledore's position as school headmaster?
(a) Lucious Malfoy
(b) Professor Snape
(c) Vernon Dursley
(d) Professor McGonagall

5. Who does Harry decide might have been the victim of the creature from the Chamber of Secrets fifty years ago?
(a) Moaning Myrtle
(b) Nearly Headless Nick
(c) Tom Riddle
(d) Peeves the Poulterguist

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when Harry writes on the diary?

2. What wakes Harry up while he is in the hospital wing?

3. Who does Harry get teamed up with during the dueling exercises?

4. What does Dumbledore say the petrified student proves?

5. What does Dobby tell Harry he gets five times a day at home?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter Thirteen why has Moaning Myrtle flooded the bathroom and been crying?

2. What does Dobby reveal to Harry when he comes to see him in the hospital wing in Chapter Ten?

3. What does Aragog tell Harry and Ron about the creature from the Chamber of Secrets?

4. What do Harry and Ron find when they follow the spiders into the Forbidden Forest?

5. What does Harry hear while lying in the hospital wing when Dumbledore brings in a petrified Collin Creevey?

6. What happens when Harry tells Tom Riddle that Dumbledore is the greatest wizard that ever lived and that people will always be faithful to Dumbledore.

7. What happens to Hermione in Chapter Fourteen?

8. What does Dumbledore tell Harry while in his office in Chapter Twelve?

9. How does Harry distract Snape while Hermione retrieves the needed ingredients?

10. Explain how Hermione, Ron and Harry get Lockhart to sign a permission form for them to retrieve a book from the restricted section of the library.

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