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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was turned into a spider that causes Ron to have a fear of them?
(a) His birthday cake
(b) His bike
(c) His teddy bear
(d) His underwear

2. What does Harry see in the bushes that catches his attention?
(a) Two Eyes
(b) A Fairy
(c) A Singing Frog
(d) A Wolf

3. Where does Myrtle live?
(a) The girls' toilet
(b) An empty teachers room
(c) The discotech
(d) The woods

4. What does Ron get during breakfast from his mother?
(a) A lashing package
(b) An ugly shirt
(c) A Howler letter
(d) A list of things to do as punishment for taking the car

5. What does Professor Snape suggest Harry should be restricted from until he tells the truth about the cat?
(a) Afternoon activities
(b) Spell casting
(c) Lunch
(d) Quidditch matches

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Professor McGonagall tell the boys they should have done instead of drive the car?

2. At what has Gilderoy Lockhart claimed he is better than Professor Sprout?

3. Who does Harry think of first when they are naming people that might play a trick on Harry?

4. What does Harry break when he travels by Floo powder?

5. How do Harry and Ron get to Hogwarts?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Filch's reaction when he finds Mrs. Norris, his cat, petrified?

2. What are the things that Professor Snape tells Ron and Harry they are in trouble for doing?

3. Describe Ginny Weasley.

4. Describe the type of student that Hermione is from the description given in Chapter Six.

5. What are some of the effects of the Howler letter that Ron's mother sends him in Chapter Six?

6. In Chapter One there is something worrying Harry regarding Hogwarts. What is it?

7. Describe Serverous Snape and the description that Ron and Harry give him in Chapter Five.

8. In Chapter Two Harry has a dream that he is in locked in a cage. Explain how the dream explains his situation and his feelings.

9. Explain why Vernon Dursley is so excited to receive the letter from the Improper Use of Magic Office after Dobby breaks Petunia's pudding dessert in Chapter Two.

10. Explain how Harry feels about the fortune that his parents left him that is held in Gringotts in London.

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