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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Harry think of first when they are naming people that might play a trick on Harry?
(a) Severus Snape
(b) Neville Longbottom
(c) Tom Riddle
(d) Draco Malfoy

2. What does Professor McGonagall tell the boys they should have done instead of drive the car?
(a) Done a magic gypsy dance
(b) Take a cab
(c) Sat and waited on someone
(d) Send an owl

3. Who tags along with Harry to Quidditch practice even though Harry tries to get him/her not to do it?
(a) Colin Creevey
(b) Hermione
(c) George and Fred
(d) Ron

4. Who does Harry and Hermione take Ron to see when he curses himself?
(a) Hagrid
(b) Draco Malfoy
(c) Dumbledore
(d) Gilderoy Lockhart

5. What does Ron get during breakfast from his mother?
(a) A Howler letter
(b) An ugly shirt
(c) A lashing package
(d) A list of things to do as punishment for taking the car

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the sign tell to "beware?"

2. What does Uncle Vernon say the Masons know about Harry?

3. Where is Ron's father that he does not know the boys took the car?

4. Why is the Mandrake considered dangerous?

5. What does Dudley say to Harry that makes him the most upset?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Harry hear while lying in the hospital wing when Dumbledore brings in a petrified Collin Creevey?

2. What happens when Harry gives Lucius Malfoy the diary that belonged to Tom Riddle?

3. Explain how Hermione, Ron and Harry get Lockhart to sign a permission form for them to retrieve a book from the restricted section of the library.

4. What do Harry and Ron overhear the teachers talking about in Chapter Sixteen regarding the Chamber of Secrets?

5. What happens when Draco Malfoy produces a snake during dueling class in Chapter Eleven?

6. In Chapter Thirteen why has Moaning Myrtle flooded the bathroom and been crying?

7. What do Harry and Ron find in Hermione's hand when they go to visit her in the hospital wing in chapter Sixteen?

8. What are some of the presents Harry gets for Christmas?

9. What is the reaction that Harry and Ron receive from the other students in the Gryffindor House when they enter it after leaving Professor McGonagall's office in Chapter Five?

10. Explain the relationship between Collin Creevey and Harry Potter as seen in Chapter Seven.

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