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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dumbledore tell Harry to look closely at for proof that he belongs in Gryffindor house?
(a) The pheonix
(b) The sword from the sorting hat
(c) The scar on his head
(d) His wand

2. What does Lockhart do while trying to show Harry how to block an unfriendly spell?
(a) Pauses to pose for a picture
(b) Drops his wand
(c) Trips over his own feet
(d) Produces a sneeze that tranforms a student into a cupcake

3. What happens when Harry puts on the sorting hat and begs for help?
(a) A magic wand appears in the hat.
(b) A sword appears in the hat.
(c) A spell magically comes into Harry's thoughts.
(d) He hears Dumbledore's voice.

4. What do Harry and Ron use to help them sneak out to visit Hagrid?
(a) Floo powder
(b) Invisibility cloak
(c) Jedi mind tricks
(d) Polyjuice potion

5. When Harry sees some spiders walking in a straight line where does he realize they are heading?
(a) Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
(b) Hagrid's home
(c) Quidditch field
(d) The Forbidden Forest

6. Who does Harry find in the secret chamber near Ginny's body?
(a) Tom Riddle
(b) Professor Snape
(c) Draco Malfoy
(d) Dudley Dursley

7. What does Hedwig bring Harry from the Dursleys?
(a) A new wand
(b) Comb
(c) Toothpick
(d) Shoelaces

8. Who does Harry find petrified while on his way to get his books for Transfiguration?
(a) Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick
(b) Mr. Filch
(c) Professor Snape
(d) Hermione

9. What is found on the floor near Hermione's petrified body?
(a) An autograph book
(b) A mirror
(c) A camera
(d) A puddle of water

10. Who are the two professors that are teaching the Dueling Club?
(a) Dumbledore and Snape
(b) Binns and Lockhart
(c) Snape and Lockhart
(d) Lockhart and McGonagall

11. What does Harry find has happened when he goes to his room?
(a) A French maid
(b) Tom Riddle's diary is missing
(c) There is an enchantment that has been put on his things
(d) His school books have been taken

12. Where do Hermione, Ron and Harry go to read the Moste Potente Potions book?
(a) Back corner of the bathroom
(b) Professor Snape's bedroom
(c) Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
(d) Quidditch training room

13. What does Harry have that provides a distraction in Snape's classroom?
(a) Cornish Pixie
(b) Filibuster Firework
(c) Giant Spider
(d) Lunar Moth

14. What chases Harry at the Quidditch game and knocks him off his broom?
(a) A Bludger
(b) A golden snitch
(c) A carpet salesman
(d) One of Slytherin's players

15. Who does Harry get teamed up with during the dueling exercises?
(a) Crabbe
(b) Hagrid
(c) Draco Malfoy
(d) Goyle

Short Answer Questions

1. Who has been taken into the Chamber of Secrets?

2. Dobby tells Harry that ________ sent the Bludger.

3. Why does Hermione say it's bad that Harry can talk to snakes?

4. Who starts to tell Harry and Ron something before they are interrupted by Percy Weasley?

5. What does Harry put into the diary before he gives it back to Lucius Malfoy?

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