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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dumbledore tell Harry to look closely at for proof that he belongs in Gryffindor house?
(a) The sword from the sorting hat
(b) The pheonix
(c) His wand
(d) The scar on his head

2. Why does Draco Malfoy not see the Golden Snitch when it was by his ear?
(a) He gets something in his eye.
(b) He is laughing at Harry.
(c) He is showing off for his father.
(d) He is posing for the girls.

3. What happens when Lucius throws the diary at Dobby the House Elf?
(a) He enters the diary.
(b) He gets the enchanted piece of paper and his powers grow.
(c) He gets the sock and is freed.
(d) He eats it.

4. Who are the two professors that are teaching the Dueling Club?
(a) Snape and Lockhart
(b) Lockhart and McGonagall
(c) Dumbledore and Snape
(d) Binns and Lockhart

5. What do George and Fred do to try and cheer up Ginny?
(a) Jump out at her with fur or boils
(b) Put magic charms on her chairs
(c) Give her a flatulence spell
(d) Give her magical candy

6. What happens when Gilderoy Lockhart tries to fix Harry's broken arm?
(a) He switches which arm is broken.
(b) He detaches the arm.
(c) He removes the bones.
(d) He changes it into an ice cream cone.

7. What does Harry do when Draco Malfoy produces a snake in the duel?
(a) He dances with it.
(b) He casts a spell on it.
(c) He speaks to it.
(d) He picks it up calmly.

8. What article of clothing do Ron and Harry take from Crabbe and Goyle?
(a) Pants
(b) Shoes
(c) Sweaters from their grandmothers
(d) Cloaks

9. Who enters the room before Harry leaves Dumbledore's office?
(a) Lucious Malfoy and Dobby the House Elf
(b) Professor Snape and Dobby the house elf
(c) Petunia Dursley and Dudley
(d) Professor Lockhart and his magic trunk

10. What does the phoenix, Fawkes, drop at Harry's feet in the Chamber of Secrets that amuses Tom Riddle?
(a) A book
(b) The sorting hat
(c) The invisibility cloak
(d) A mirror

11. Dobby tells Harry that ________ sent the Bludger.
(a) Draco Malfoy
(b) Tom Riddle
(c) Professor Snape
(d) Dobby

12. Who does Harry find petrified while on his way to get his books for Transfiguration?
(a) Mr. Filch
(b) Justin Finch-Fletchley and Nearly Headless Nick
(c) Hermione
(d) Professor Snape

13. Why does Hermione say it's bad that Harry can talk to snakes?
(a) Because it makes you look crazy
(b) Because Salazar Slytherin could talk to them
(c) Becuse Tom Riddle could talk to them
(d) Because they are an evil animal

14. What is it that Dumbledore says makes Harry and Lord Voldemort different?
(a) Their choices
(b) Their desires
(c) Their pasts
(d) Their powers

15. Where do Hermione, Ron and Harry go to read the Moste Potente Potions book?
(a) Back corner of the bathroom
(b) Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
(c) Professor Snape's bedroom
(d) Quidditch training room

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry and Ron find in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom?

2. How long does the book say they will have before they turn back?

3. What captures Ron and Harry in the Forbidden Forest?

4. What do Harry and Ron find Lockhart doing when they go to give him information about the Chamber of Secrets after Lockhart volunteered to enter the chamber to get Ginny back?

5. What saves Harry and Ron from the spiders?

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