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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long does the book say they will have before they turn back?
(a) Twelve hours
(b) A month
(c) One hour
(d) One day

2. What do George and Fred do to try and cheer up Ginny?
(a) Give her a flatulence spell
(b) Give her magical candy
(c) Put magic charms on her chairs
(d) Jump out at her with fur or boils

3. What article of clothing do Ron and Harry take from Crabbe and Goyle?
(a) Sweaters from their grandmothers
(b) Shoes
(c) Cloaks
(d) Pants

4. What does Lockhart do while trying to show Harry how to block an unfriendly spell?
(a) Trips over his own feet
(b) Pauses to pose for a picture
(c) Drops his wand
(d) Produces a sneeze that tranforms a student into a cupcake

5. Who does Draco Malfoy say should apply for Dumbledore's position as school headmaster?
(a) Vernon Dursley
(b) Professor Snape
(c) Lucious Malfoy
(d) Professor McGonagall

6. Who enters the room before Harry leaves Dumbledore's office?
(a) Lucious Malfoy and Dobby the House Elf
(b) Professor Lockhart and his magic trunk
(c) Professor Snape and Dobby the house elf
(d) Petunia Dursley and Dudley

7. When Harry sees some spiders walking in a straight line where does he realize they are heading?
(a) Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
(b) Quidditch field
(c) Hagrid's home
(d) The Forbidden Forest

8. What happens when Gilderoy Lockhart tries to fix Harry's broken arm?
(a) He switches which arm is broken.
(b) He changes it into an ice cream cone.
(c) He removes the bones.
(d) He detaches the arm.

9. What name is on the diary Ron and Harry find on the bathroom floor?
(a) Dudley Dursley
(b) Lord Voldemort
(c) T. M. Riddle
(d) Salazar Slitherin

10. What do Harry and Ron use to help them sneak out to visit Hagrid?
(a) Jedi mind tricks
(b) Polyjuice potion
(c) Floo powder
(d) Invisibility cloak

11. Who is the first one to find Ron and Harry wandering in the halls while they are in the form of Crabbe and Goyle?
(a) Draco Malfoy
(b) Percy Weasley
(c) Professor Snape
(d) Aunt Petunia

12. What chases Harry at the Quidditch game and knocks him off his broom?
(a) A carpet salesman
(b) A Bludger
(c) A golden snitch
(d) One of Slytherin's players

13. What does the phoenix do to the Basilisk?
(a) Plucks out his eyes
(b) Opesn wounds on his hide
(c) Defecates on him
(d) Distracts him while Harry strikes

14. What does Harry and Ron find in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom?
(a) A lucky penny
(b) Ginny's lifeless body
(c) Snake skin
(d) The entrance to the secret chamber

15. Who does Harry decide might have been the victim of the creature from the Chamber of Secrets fifty years ago?
(a) Peeves the Poulterguist
(b) Nearly Headless Nick
(c) Moaning Myrtle
(d) Tom Riddle

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ginny say she caught Percy doing that he told her to keep secret?

2. Why does Tom Riddle refuse to use his father's last name?

3. What does Dumbledore say the petrified student proves?

4. What does Harry put into the diary before he gives it back to Lucius Malfoy?

5. Where do Hermione, Ron and Harry go to read the Moste Potente Potions book?

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