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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Harry leaves the hospital, where does he find Hermione and Ron?
(a) Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
(b) Professor Snape's classroom
(c) Gryffindor tower
(d) Hagrid's house

2. What is wrong when Harry and Ron ask a girl for directions to the Slytherin common room while they are in the form of Crabbe and Goyle?
(a) She is not in Slytherin.
(b) She does not speak English.the
(c) She gives them bad directions.
(d) She realizes they are not Crabbe and Goyle.

3. How long does the book say they will have before they turn back?
(a) One day
(b) Twelve hours
(c) A month
(d) One hour

4. What does Hermione have under her pillow while she is in the hospital?
(a) A get well card from Gilderoy Lockhart
(b) A magic charm to protect her
(c) A fuzzy bunny from her favorite aunt
(d) A book about the secret chamber

5. What does the phoenix do to the Basilisk?
(a) Plucks out his eyes
(b) Opesn wounds on his hide
(c) Defecates on him
(d) Distracts him while Harry strikes

6. What is the password to enter the Slytherin Tower?
(a) Salazar
(b) Mud-blood
(c) Pure-blood
(d) Tom Marvalo Riddle

7. Who does Professor McGonagall take Harry and Ron to see?
(a) A petrified Hagrid
(b) A petrified Tom Riddle
(c) A petrified Hermione
(d) A petrified Dumbledore

8. What do Harry and Ron find Lockhart doing when they go to give him information about the Chamber of Secrets after Lockhart volunteered to enter the chamber to get Ginny back?
(a) signing autographs
(b) packing to leave
(c) he has left
(d) curling his hair

9. Why is Moaning Myrtle crying?
(a) She hears a voice threatening her.
(b) Someone throws a book through her head.
(c) Someone comes in to laugh at her.
(d) She lives in a toliet.

10. What teacher does Hermione get to sign the paper giving her permission to go to the restricted section of the library?
(a) Mr. Filch
(b) Gilderoy Lockhart
(c) Hagrid
(d) Professor Snape

11. What does Dumbledore say the petrified student proves?
(a) The Chamber of Secrets is real.
(b) The Chamber of Secrets has been opened again.
(c) Someone in the school is trying to kill Muggle-born students.
(d) There is no reason to worry.

12. Who is the first one to find Ron and Harry wandering in the halls while they are in the form of Crabbe and Goyle?
(a) Percy Weasley
(b) Professor Snape
(c) Draco Malfoy
(d) Aunt Petunia

13. Dobby tells Harry that ________ sent the Bludger.
(a) Professor Snape
(b) Draco Malfoy
(c) Dobby
(d) Tom Riddle

14. Where do Hermione, Ron and Harry go to read the Moste Potente Potions book?
(a) Moaning Myrtle's bathroom
(b) Back corner of the bathroom
(c) Professor Snape's bedroom
(d) Quidditch training room

15. Why does Hermione say it's bad that Harry can talk to snakes?
(a) Because Salazar Slytherin could talk to them
(b) Because they are an evil animal
(c) Becuse Tom Riddle could talk to them
(d) Because it makes you look crazy

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hermione give Ron and Harry that is intended to keep Crabbe and Goyle away while they use the transformation potions?

2. What does Hermione wake Harry and Ron up early to tell them?

3. What is in the newspaper article that Draco's father sends him?

4. What do Harry and Ron find when they open the diary?

5. What saves Harry and Ron from the spiders?

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