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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Harry have to do for his detention punishment?
(a) Polish the silver with Mr. Filch
(b) Help Professor Sprout with the Mandrakes
(c) Help Hagrid with his pumkins
(d) Sign fan mail for Gilderoy Lockhart

2. What is wrong with Harry's owl?
(a) It hates Dudley.
(b) It ate a sickly cat.
(c) It is hungry.
(d) It wants out of its cage.

3. What are Harry and Ron supposed to be turning their beetles into in Transfiguration class?
(a) Candy
(b) Buttons
(c) Tap dancing beetles
(d) Napkins

4. Who else is in the car with Ron?
(a) Dumbledore
(b) George and Fred
(c) Hermione
(d) Ron's mother

5. Who sent the letter that Errol has?
(a) Dumbledore
(b) Hermione
(c) Dursleys
(d) Ministry of Magic

6. Why does Gilderoy Lockhart think that Harry flew the car to Hogwarts?
(a) Girls he wanted to impress
(b) Thrill seekers
(c) Publicity
(d) Because of a fear of trains

7. What does the mirror in the kitchen at the Weasley house tell Harry to do?
(a) Wash his face
(b) Do a dance
(c) Tuck in his shirt
(d) Comb his hair

8. Why is the Mandrake considered dangerous?
(a) It smells bad enough to cause convulsions.
(b) Its bite will cause death in moments.
(c) Anyone who looks at it long enough becomes entranced.
(d) Its cry is fatal to anyone who hears it.

9. Why is Hagrid not allowed to use magic?
(a) He was cursed by a dragon wizard.
(b) He was expelled from Hogwarts in his third year.
(c) He was involved in an accident involving students.
(d) He cannot control his power.

10. What happens when Ron and Harry try to get to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters?
(a) They crash into the wall.
(b) They dissapear into another dimension.
(c) They get on the wrong train.
(d) They end up in a different city.

11. Who does Harry and Hermione take Ron to see when he curses himself?
(a) Dumbledore
(b) Hagrid
(c) Draco Malfoy
(d) Gilderoy Lockhart

12. While the car is beginning to fall to earth, Ron lets go of the wheel to get ____________ out of his back pocket.
(a) His flying dust
(b) A magic jelly bean
(c) His cell phone
(d) His magic wand

13. Who freezes the pixies with a charm?
(a) Ron
(b) Professor Snape
(c) Hermione
(d) Harry

14. What does Harry ask Dobby that causes Dobby to cry?
(a) To give him some money.
(b) To sit down
(c) To leave quietly
(d) To explain why he is there

15. Why does Oliver Wood wake Harry up at daybreak on Saturday?
(a) Practicing spells
(b) Yoga
(c) Quidditch practice
(d) Sneaking into snapes office

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Ron, Hermione, and Harry find when they go back to the Hall where Mrs. Norris had been petrified?

2. What does Draco Malfoy call Hermione?

3. Once out of the strange shop, who does Harry find that helps him to Diagon Alley?

4. Who is visiting Hagrid when Harry and Hermione get Ron to his house?

5. Who yells that the Mud Bloods will be next when he sees Mrs. Norris hanging petrified?

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