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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Slytherin team get special permission from Professor Snape to practice?
(a) Because they have flying exams later
(b) To have an equal advantage when they play
(c) To train their new Seeker
(d) Because Professor Snape does not like the Gryffindor team

2. Who sent the letter that Errol has?
(a) Dursleys
(b) Dumbledore
(c) Hermione
(d) Ministry of Magic

3. Where does Myrtle live?
(a) An empty teachers room
(b) The woods
(c) The discotech
(d) The girls' toilet

4. What is Harry given to eat before the Masons arrive?
(a) Leftovers
(b) Two pieces of bread and a lump of cheese
(c) A peanut butter and jelly sandwich
(d) Moldy bread and a glass of water

5. Who does Harry see in the shop where he is accidentally transported?
(a) Hagrid
(b) Draco Malfoy
(c) Tom Riddle
(d) Mr. Weasley

6. What do the boys say about a family that would be able to own a House Elf?
(a) It would be unkind.
(b) It would be rich.
(c) It would be evil.
(d) It would be lazy.

7. Why is the Mandrake considered dangerous?
(a) Its cry is fatal to anyone who hears it.
(b) Its bite will cause death in moments.
(c) It smells bad enough to cause convulsions.
(d) Anyone who looks at it long enough becomes entranced.

8. What does Ron's brother Charlie do?
(a) Disects sea monsters in Chin
(b) Studies dragons in Romania
(c) Studies the yeti in Asia
(d) Sleeps a lot

9. What has Hermione drawn on her schedule next to Gilderoy Lockhart's lessons?
(a) Fireworks
(b) Hearts
(c) Diamonds
(d) Lockharts smiling face

10. What does Mr. Weasley install on the car in case they want to fly it?
(a) A painting on the underside of the car to look like a cloud.
(b) Wings
(c) Invisibility Booster
(d) Extra Seatbelts

11. What does the voice NOT say that Harry hears when he is signing photos for Gilderoy Lockhart?
(a) Fear me
(b) Let me tear you
(c) Come to me
(d) Let me kill you

12. What does Professor Snape suggest Harry should be restricted from until he tells the truth about the cat?
(a) Spell casting
(b) Afternoon activities
(c) Quidditch matches
(d) Lunch

13. What does Harry do with Dobby when Uncle Vernon comes into the room to tell Harry to be quiet?
(a) Puts him in the closet
(b) Throws him out the window
(c) Throws him under the bed
(d) Puts a magic spell on him

14. Who catches Ron, Hermione and Harry coming out of the girls' bathroom where Moaning Myrtle stays?
(a) Ron and George
(b) Percy Weasley
(c) Professor Snape
(d) Mr. Filch

15. Who arrives and tells Ron and Harry the password to enter Gryffindor Tower?
(a) Hermione
(b) Lee Jordan
(c) Neville Longbottom
(d) Professor Snape

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Professor Binns say built the secret chamber in the school according to legend?

2. What does the letter say that is delivered after Dobby drops the pudding?

3. At what has Gilderoy Lockhart claimed he is better than Professor Sprout?

4. Why does Colin Creevey say that he wants to take Harry's picture?

5. What does Nearly Headless Nick ask Harry to do as a favor?

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