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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the mirror in the kitchen at the Weasley house tell Harry to do?
(a) Tuck in his shirt
(b) Comb his hair
(c) Do a dance
(d) Wash his face

2. Why does Hermione want to get the Moste Potente Potions book?
(a) Future juice
(b) To keep the table from wobbling
(c) Truth serum
(d) Polyjuice potion

3. Where is Ron's father that he does not know the boys took the car?
(a) At a magical conference
(b) Sleeping in a boat.
(c) Hunting gnomes
(d) Working

4. What letter does Harry find on the desk of Argus Filch?
(a) How to be a people person
(b) Kwickspell
(c) Magic Cleaning Supplier
(d) Cat club

5. Who catches Ron, Hermione and Harry coming out of the girls' bathroom where Moaning Myrtle stays?
(a) Ron and George
(b) Professor Snape
(c) Mr. Filch
(d) Percy Weasley

6. Who is visiting Hagrid when Harry and Hermione get Ron to his house?
(a) Dumbledore
(b) Professor McGonagle
(c) Mr. Weasley
(d) Gilderoy Lockhart

7. What does Hermione tell Ron she has been very busy with over the summer?
(a) School work
(b) Helping her mother
(c) Summer job
(d) Perfecting spells

8. What does Dobby do that gets Harry in trouble with his Uncle Vernon?
(a) Sets the house of fire
(b) Puts live bugs on the dinner dishes
(c) Puts a magic spell on the stove
(d) Drops Aunt Petunia's pudding dessert

9. Why is Hagrid not allowed to use magic?
(a) He was expelled from Hogwarts in his third year.
(b) He cannot control his power.
(c) He was involved in an accident involving students.
(d) He was cursed by a dragon wizard.

10. What lives in their attic according to Ron?
(a) A ghoul
(b) A psycho
(c) A fairy
(d) A leprechaun

11. The story in the issue of the Evening Prophet that Professor Snape shows Harry and Ron is about ________________________.
(a) Ron and Harry flying the magic car
(b) Dobby the house elf marries big foot
(c) Ron and Harry running into the wall at the train station
(d) Harry using magic at the Dursley house

12. Whose books do they get for school?
(a) Gilderoy Lockhart
(b) Sigmund Freud
(c) Tom Riddle
(d) Dumbledore

13. Where does Myrtle live?
(a) The discotech
(b) An empty teachers room
(c) The woods
(d) The girls' toilet

14. How long does Dobby say he must serve his wizarding family?
(a) Until he decides to quit
(b) Two years
(c) Forever
(d) Two hundred years

15. Who yells that the Mud Bloods will be next when he sees Mrs. Norris hanging petrified?
(a) Goyle
(b) Crabbe
(c) Draco Malfoy
(d) Professor Snape

Short Answer Questions

1. Who shows up outside Harry's window after Harry has been locked in his room?

2. What do Fred and George tell Harry about a House Elf's power?

3. What allows Ron to be level with Harry's window?

4. What does Filch say that Harry knows that he is?

5. Why does Dobby tell Harry he has come to talk to him?

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