Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Harry's feelings for Hogwarts, his school, as compared to the Dursley house where he lives with his aunt and uncle from what is detailed in Chapter One.

Harry feels as if he is known and liked at Hogwarts where people knew his mother and father and cared for them and care for him as well. He is treated like an outcast in his own home at the Dursleys. Most children want to come home to escape school but Harry has the opposite feelings. Harry has strict rules when at home but has much more freedom when he gets to school. Harry even explains that his stomach aches because he misses the school so much.

2. Give one word that explains Vernon Dursley's reaction when Harry says "magic" in Chapter One. Explain why you have given this word.

Irrational. Vernon Dursley does not take into consideration the fact that the word is not referring to the practice of magic. Any mention of it and he becomes angry and yells loudly. Since the word is used he even accuses Harry of threatening Dudley just because he says the word. The reader sees that even his physical appearance shows the signs of his reaction since his temples begins to throb and he jumps up out of his chair.

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