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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dudley say to Harry that makes him the most upset?
(a) That his mother and father were losers.
(b) That magic is stupid and Harry is too.
(c) That his owl is going to be cooked for dinner.
(d) That he does not have any friends.

2. What do Ron, Hermione, and Harry find when they go back to the Hall where Mrs. Norris had been petrified?
(a) Broomsticks
(b) Slugs
(c) Spiders
(d) Rats

3. Why does Harry tell Fred and George to look out for the bottom stair step?
(a) It has a trip wire.
(b) It is broken.
(c) It creaks.
(d) It is slippery.

4. What captures Ron and Harry in the Forbidden Forest?
(a) Amazon women
(b) Giant talking spiders
(c) A group of Centaurs
(d) A pack of werewolves

5. What kind of elf is Dobby?
(a) The Best Elf
(b) Shoe Elf
(c) House Elf
(d) Cupboard Elf

Short Answer Questions

1. What important item does Harry almost forget until it makes noise?

2. What do Harry and Ron use to help them sneak out to visit Hagrid?

3. Who does Harry see in the shop where he is accidentally transported?

4. What does Harry have that provides a distraction in Snape's classroom?

5. What is in the newspaper article that Draco's father sends him?

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