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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What club has refused to admit Nearly Headless Nick?
(a) Hat Haters united
(b) The Headless Hunt
(c) The Dead Mans writting club
(d) Executioner's Block Club

2. Who does Draco Malfoy say should apply for Dumbledore's position as school headmaster?
(a) Professor Snape
(b) Lucious Malfoy
(c) Professor McGonagall
(d) Vernon Dursley

3. What does Ron say, to tease Harry, that Ginny Weasley and Colin Creevey might start?
(a) Convulsions
(b) Harry Potter theme song
(c) Harry Potter fan club
(d) A musical group called "Tribute to Harry Potter"

4. What does Dobby tell Harry he gets five times a day at home?
(a) Beatings
(b) Spankings
(c) His mouth washed out with soap
(d) Death Threats

5. What is Gilderoy Lockhart doing at the bookshop?
(a) Teaching classes
(b) Giving interviews
(c) Advertising his new book
(d) Signing books

Short Answer Questions

1. Who yells that the Mud Bloods will be next when he sees Mrs. Norris hanging petrified?

2. What does Filch say that Harry knows that he is?

3. What kind of elf is Dobby?

4. What does Harry have that provides a distraction in Snape's classroom?

5. How long does Lockhart say that they have been signing fan mail when he lets Harry leave?

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