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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. While the car is beginning to fall to earth, Ron lets go of the wheel to get ____________ out of his back pocket.
(a) His flying dust
(b) His cell phone
(c) A magic jelly bean
(d) His magic wand

2. What does Professor Snape suggest Harry should be restricted from until he tells the truth about the cat?
(a) Afternoon activities
(b) Spell casting
(c) Quidditch matches
(d) Lunch

3. What does Ron's brother Charlie do?
(a) Studies dragons in Romania
(b) Sleeps a lot
(c) Studies the yeti in Asia
(d) Disects sea monsters in Chin

4. What does Harry do with Dobby when Uncle Vernon comes into the room to tell Harry to be quiet?
(a) Throws him under the bed
(b) Throws him out the window
(c) Puts him in the closet
(d) Puts a magic spell on him

5. What does Dobby do that gets Harry in trouble with his Uncle Vernon?
(a) Drops Aunt Petunia's pudding dessert
(b) Puts live bugs on the dinner dishes
(c) Puts a magic spell on the stove
(d) Sets the house of fire

Short Answer Questions

1. What name is on the diary Ron and Harry find on the bathroom floor?

2. Who shows up outside Harry's window after Harry has been locked in his room?

3. Why is Hagrid not allowed to use magic?

4. What does Harry ask Dobby that causes Dobby to cry?

5. Who does Professor McGonagall take Harry and Ron to see?

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