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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dobby say he will have to do later as punishment to himself for coming to see Harry?
(a) Shut his ears in the oven door
(b) Eat candy till he pukes
(c) Drop something heavy on his foot
(d) Slap himself with a whip

2. What does Dobby do that gets Harry in trouble with his Uncle Vernon?
(a) Puts live bugs on the dinner dishes
(b) Puts a magic spell on the stove
(c) Sets the house of fire
(d) Drops Aunt Petunia's pudding dessert

3. What does Dudley say to Harry that makes him the most upset?
(a) That magic is stupid and Harry is too.
(b) That his owl is going to be cooked for dinner.
(c) That he does not have any friends.
(d) That his mother and father were losers.

4. What happens to Ron's wand in the crash?
(a) It breaks into two pieces
(b) It turns into a snake
(c) It gets lost
(d) It starts to glow

5. Where is Harry told to be when the Masons arrive?
(a) In the backyard mowing
(b) At the neighbors house
(c) In the attic sleeping
(d) In his room pretending he does not exist

Short Answer Questions

1. Once out of the strange shop, who does Harry find that helps him to Diagon Alley?

2. Who does Harry see in the shop where he is accidentally transported?

3. What comes into the house that terrifies the Masons?

4. What is the first thing the car begins to do that worries Harry and Ron?

5. What does Dobby pull out of his clothing that belongs to Harry?

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